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Careers in Chemistry: Academia

Five successful research group PIs give open and frank descriptions of the very different choices and paths that led them to their current roles in academia, and offer some advice to students contemplating their next step.

# Episode Title Description People Date
4 What has chemistry ever done for me? Or, how did I get here? Professor Lesley Yellowlees, the first female President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, talks about the choices she had to make in order to obtain her two dream jobs (and hold them at the same time). Lesley Yellowlees 17 Jul 2013
3 Part 1 - My path to academic success - Alison Parkin Dr Alison Parkin, who has just started her own lab group at the University of York, talks about taking career development step by step, and the importance of both research and teaching in academic careers. Alison Parkin 17 Jul 2013
2 Part 2 - My path to academic success - Ed Anderson Dr Ed Anderson, a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford gives an overview of his current role, and advice on issues he encountered along the way, including the benefits of a post doctoral position in the USA. Ed Anderson 17 Jul 2013
1 Part 3 - My path to academic success - Asel Sartbaeva Dr Asel Sartbaeval, a Lecturer at the University of Bath, discusses her path from Kyrgyzstan to Oxford and beyond, and offers some advice on balancing career success with family and relationships. Asel Sartbaeva 17 Jul 2013