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Ed Anderson

Series featuring Ed Anderson

  • Careers in Chemistry: Academia
  • Botanic Garden Chemistry Audio Tour
  • Human Rights and the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Challenges and prospects
# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Equality, Non-discrimination and Equity Panel 3 from the Human Rights and the Post-2015 Agenda Conference. The views expressed in this presentation are personal and not those of the individual’s institution. Malcolm Langford, Sandra Fredman, Ed Anderson, Sabina Alkire 15 Dec 2014
4 Part 2 - My path to academic success - Ed Anderson Dr Ed Anderson, a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford gives an overview of his current role, and advice on issues he encountered along the way, including the benefits of a post doctoral position in the USA. Ed Anderson 17 Jul 2013
3 Creative Commons 09. The hottest plant in the world How chillis and a euphorbia are helping to produce new painkillers. Ed Anderson 18 Oct 2012
2 Creative Commons 07. The many tastes of ginger Ginger contains a cocktail of different molecules. The different molecules in dried, cooked and fresh ginger lead to different flavours. Ed Anderson 18 Oct 2012
1 Creative Commons 04. Robert Robinson, a revolutionary chemist Sir Robert Robinson used the Botanic Garden in his research investigating the structures of alkaloids derived from plants. Ed Anderson 18 Oct 2012