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Alison Parkin

Dr Alison Parkin, has her own Chemistry lab group at the University of York. She is interested in how we can develop new ways to destroy dangerous bacteria, and how we can harness their useful chemistry. In particular, she is interested in the redox catalysts which bacteria often use to generate energy for life. Alison studies H2-activating enzymes, using electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to work out how important this chemistry is to bacteria, and whether is can be useful to humankind.

Series featuring Alison Parkin

  • Careers in Chemistry: Academia
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# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Part 1 - My path to academic success - Alison Parkin Dr Alison Parkin, who has just started her own lab group at the University of York, talks about taking career development step by step, and the importance of both research and teaching in academic careers. Alison Parkin 17 Jul 2013
4 Creative Commons 19. Plants in extreme environments How plants manage to photosynthesise in extreme environments. Alison Parkin 18 Oct 2012
3 Creative Commons 18. Why are plants green? Why chlorophyll and hence plants, looks green. Alison Parkin 18 Oct 2012
2 Creative Commons 11. The machine inside plants The photosynthetic machinery inside plants is explained. Alison Parkin 18 Oct 2012
1 Creative Commons 05. Energy from the sun How plants use energy from the sun to make food from carbon dioxide and water. Alison Parkin 18 Oct 2012