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Rwanda and refoulement: Can the 1951 Refugee Convention survive?

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Duration: 0:22:22 | Added: 16 May 2022
In this episode of the Migration Oxford Podcast, we ask if the 1951 Refugee Convention is under attack.

As states look for ways to avoid taking responsibility for refugees and asylum seekers, such as the UK's "Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda". Is the Convention still the right tool, and how can the protection it offers refugees be improved in an era where global governance of any issue is vexed at best? We speak to Dr Catherine Briddick, Departmental Lecturer in Gender and International Human Rights and Refugee Law at the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, and Sabir Zazai Chief Executive of the Scottish Refugee Council to understand both the human and legal implications of the convention and moves by states to circumvent it.

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