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Professor Nicole Zitzmann

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Duration: 1:15:44 | Added: 05 Jul 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Nicole Zitzmann, Professor of Virology and Principal Investigator (Department of Biochemistry), 22 February 2023.

Topics discussed include (00:00:31) studies in Germany, including study of Biology in Bonn, studies in English, biochemistry student in Dundee, Masters and PhD under supervisor Professor Mike Ferguson, move to Oxford in 1997 working at the Glycobiology Institute, mentorship of Barry Blumberg, iminosugars; (00:08:55) drugs targeting whole-cell process; (00:11:10) viruses worked on; (00:21:05) host-targeting drug side effects; (00:23:40) role of vaccines and drugs in tackling viruses; (00:27:22) first awareness of COVID-19, pivoting of work towards COVID-19, Sir William Dunn School containment level 3 laboratory; (00:33:32) screening of repurposed drugs; (00:45:00) SARS Tracker screening, Moonshot compounds; (00:46:35) research on iminosugars; (00:49:05) clinical trial obstacles; (00:50:50) funders and regulatory bodies; (00:54:10) Gaucher disease; (00:57:05) personal threat from COVID-19; (00:59:56) changes to work life during the pandemic, including remote working, Vaccine Identity Evaluation (VIE) project; (01:06:10) changes to working hours, group collaboration, achievement and mental wellbeing; (01:09:15) collaborations during the pandemic; (01:11:41) advantages of remote working; (01:14:34) changes in approach to work as a result of the pandemic. Note: the following sections of audio are redacted (00:19:15) to (00:19:21); (00:50:20) to (00:50:26); (00:56:17) to (00:56:32).

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