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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Professor Nicole Zitzmann Georgina Ferry interviews Nicole Zitzmann, Professor of Virology and Principal Investigator (Department of Biochemistry), 22 February 2023. Nicole Zitzmann, Georgina Ferry 05 Jul 2023
2 Epigenetics: What Makes You "You"? Have you ever wondered why identical twins aren’t, well, actually identical? Do you want to blame your parents for something about you that is different from everyone else in the family? Then you need to find out about Epigenetics. Jane Mellor 11 Dec 2015
3 Creative Commons A Fascination with Vision: What nature can teach us Professor Anthony Watts, C W Maplethorpe Fellow in Biological Sciences delivers a very interesting lecture entitled 'A Fascination with Vision: What nature can teach us'. Anthony Watts 12 Nov 2015
4 Part 3: Advanced technology Just over a decade ago the face of British farming changed forever. A devastating outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease led to the enforced slaughter and incineration of over 10 million livestock across the country. Jonathan Webb 05 Nov 2014
5 Part 2: The history of structural biology Understanding the function of a protein is an important step in finding out why the body succumbs to disease – but how do scientists find these proteins and figure out how they work? Jonathan Webb 05 Nov 2014
6 Part 1: The Building Blocks of Life Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells but it doesn’t matter how closely you look, you still won’t see them. Jonathan Webb 28 Oct 2014
7 "Matters of Scale" - Complete Episode The issues of scale are investigated – from how properties change at very small scales, to the vastness of the Universe. Includes parts 1, 2 and 3. Pedro Ferreira, Alan Barr, Sylvia MacLain, Sonia Trigueros 09 Oct 2014
8 "Matters of Scale" Part 2 - Biology and the Problem with Scale Dr Sylvia MacLain talks about how water creates a problem when researching biology. Structures can be studied when they are in solid form, but approximately 60% of our bodies are made of water. Sylvia MacLain, Chris Lintott 08 Oct 2014
9 Creative Commons Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry at Oxford: a guide for prospective undergraduate students This light-hearted talk gives you the chance to hear three admissions tutors discuss what you can expect from their courses, and what the tutors are looking for when they select students. Martin Speight, Mark Wormald, Nick Green 04 Mar 2013
10 Creative Commons Student Innovation: Developing Mobile Apps for learning Helen Ginn, a Biochemistry undergraduate at Magdalen College, talks about how she developed a mobile app to serve a specific niche task. Helen Ginn 01 Feb 2012
11 Creative Commons Plants in a chemical world Plants are able to metabolise a surprisingly diverse range of synthetic chemicals including pesticides and pollutants. Rob Edwards 09 Jan 2012
12 'Fly Genetics': What can fruit flies tell us about our immune system? Colloquium - Week 5 MT09 (Senior Speaker). Petros Ligoxygakis 11 Nov 2009
13 Kim Nasmyth on Biochemistry Head of the Department of Biochemistry Professor Kim Nasmyth talks about the department and what it means to be a biochemist at Oxford. Kim Nasmyth 07 Jul 2009