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physical sciences

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Sumali Bajaj Georgina Ferry interviews Sumali Bajaj, DPhil student (Department of Biology), 17 March 2023. Sumali Bajaj, Georgina Ferry 01 Aug 2023
2 Professor Nicole Zitzmann Georgina Ferry interviews Nicole Zitzmann, Professor of Virology and Principal Investigator (Department of Biochemistry), 22 February 2023. Nicole Zitzmann, Georgina Ferry 05 Jul 2023
3 Professor David Stuart Georgina Ferry interviews Sir David Stuart, Professor of Structural Biology, 10 June 2022. David Stuart, Georgina Ferry 04 Jan 2023
4 Professor Fernanda Duarte Georgina Ferry interviews Fernanda Duarte, Associate Professor in Computational Organic Chemistry, 26 April 2022. Fernanda Duarte, Georgina Ferry 04 Jan 2023
5 Henry Chan Georgina Ferry interviews Henry Chan, DPhil Student, 26 April 2022. Henry Chan, Georgina Ferry 04 Jan 2023
6 Dr Nicole Robb Georgina Ferry interviews Nicole Robb, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Physics, 10 March 2022. Nicole Robb, Georgina Ferry 02 Nov 2022
7 Professor Patrick Grant Georgina Ferry interviews Patrick Grant, Vesuvius Chair of Materials and Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research), 25 January 2022. Patrick Grant, Georgina Ferry 29 Jul 2022