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William Dutton

Series featuring William Dutton

  • Alumni Weekend
  • Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
  • Academic Blogging: Political Analysis in the Digital Age
  • Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
  • Oxford Internet Institute
# Episode Title Description People Date
8 Creative Commons Why blog? (session one, part two) Analysing the wider effects of blogging: what is at stake in contributing academic analysis on-line? Kate Brooks, William Dutton, David Levy, Will de Frietas 04 Apr 2014
7 How is and how should Data Protection be reconciled with Freedom of Expression? Professor Bill Dutton of the Oxford Internet Institute presents some personal reflections on how Data Protection should be reconciled with freedom of expression as well commenting on some specific issues raised by Artemi Lombarte and David Erdos. William Dutton 02 Oct 2012
6 What is Public in the Digital Age? Use of the internet has raised major public issues around the definition of public and priavte information. Director of the Oxford Internet Institute Professor Bill Dutton examines how we can best reconcile the risks and opportunities presented. William Dutton 03 Oct 2011
5 Creative Commons World Wide Research William Dutton, Oxford Internet Institute, gives a talk on the fourth estate, media research, and the globalised news world on the 4th November 2010. William Dutton 05 Apr 2011
4 Relationships and the Internet This forum looks at the state of the art of academic research on relationships and the Internet and how this research informs research on the social aspects of the Internet in general, such as issues of trust and identity. William Dutton, Nicole Ellison, Bernie Hogan, Joseph B. Walther 08 Mar 2010
3 From Weblogs to Twitter: How Did We Get Where We Are Today and What Are the Main Impacts To Date? What are the most important milestones in the evolution of social media? What factors have shaped their successes and limitations? Kathryn Corrick, Dave Sifry, Bill Thompson, William Dutton 13 Nov 2009
2 Blogging at 20? The Future and Potential of Social Media If social media are the defining advance of Web 2.0, whereby the network-as-platform enabled users not just to download content but to create it, tag it and share it ... what will the next decade hold? Will we continue to Tweet? William Dutton, Nigel Shadbolt, Dave Sifry, Richard Allan 09 Nov 2009
1 Through the Network (of Networks): The Fifth Estate The Internet and web are creating a new space for networking people, information and other resources: this has the potential to become an important 'fifth estate' to support greater accountability in politics, the media and other institutional arenas. William Dutton 12 Sep 2008