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Tim Palmer

Series featuring Tim Palmer

  • Oxford Physics Public Lectures
  • Oxford Martin School: Public Lectures and Seminars
  • The Secrets of Mathematics
  • Models of Consciousness
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Creative Commons Tim Palmer - Creativity and Consciousness: A Consequence of the Brain’s Extraordinary Energy Efficiency? One in a series of talks from the 2019 Models of Consciousness conference. Tim Palmer 13 Oct 2019
3 The Butterfly Effect - What Does it Really Signify? - Tim Palmer Tim Palmer discusses Ed Lorenz the man and his work, and compares and contrasts the meaning of the 'Butterfly Effect' as most people understand it today, and as Lorenz himself intended it to mean. Tim Palmer 18 May 2017
2 Creative Commons Climate change: dealing with uncertainty In this talk Professor Tim Palmer CBE, Co-Director of the Programme on Modelling and Predicting Climate, gives a talk for the Oxford Martin School. Tim Palmer 18 Aug 2015
1 Creative Commons Lorenz Gödel and Penrose: new perspectives on determinism and unpredictability, from fundamental physics to the science of climate change The 9th Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture, looking at chaos theory and climate change Tim Palmer 07 Apr 2014