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Tanja Schneider

Series featuring Tanja Schneider

  • Institute for Science, Innovation and Society
  • Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO) seminars
# Episode Title Description People Date
7 From grassroots to platforms. The reconfiguration of alternative food provisioning in an online world Dr Francesca Forno, Associate professor at the University of Trento discusses how new, grassroots food movements are using online platforms and how their online platforms are being appropriated by bigger businesses. Francesca Forno, Stanley Ulijaszek, Tanja Schneider 13 Mar 2024
6 Curating good choice, digital marketplace platforms and the framing of eating Dr Jeremy Brice explores how consumer choice is governed, protected, and cared for by firms which operate digital marketplace platforms from the likes of Deliveroo to Amazon Fresh. Jeremy Brice, Stanley Ulijaszek, Tanja Schneider 13 Mar 2024
5 Creative Commons Excess as entertainment: Mukbang and the theatrics of eating for an online audience Dr Thao Dam explores how food is experienced digitally, through the Korean-originated practice of mukhbang, where people pay to watch others eat inline. Thao Dam, Stanley Ulijaszek, Tanja Schneider 13 Mar 2024
4 Creative Commons Personalised nutrition and dietary behaviour change in an online study across 7 European countries Dr Anna Macready, associate professor in the School of Agriculture Policy and Development at the University of Reading, takes us through personalised nutrition and asks, ‘is there a right or wrong diet?’ Anna Macready, Stanley Ulijaszek, Tanja Schneider 13 Mar 2024
3 Sustainability on stage: FoodTech and the spectacle of innovation Tanja Schneider (University of St Gallen, Switzerland) gave this presentation for the UBVO seminar series on 12 March 2020 Tanja Schneider 25 Feb 2021
2 Creative Commons Digital Food Activism Karin Eli and Tanja Schneider gives a talk for the UBVO seminar series on 29th November 2015. Karin Eli, Tanja Schneider 08 Feb 2016
1 Creative Commons Neurosociety part 1: Welcome and Opening Remarks Steve Woolgar and Tanja Schneider (InSIS, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford) give the opening address for the Neurosociety conference. Steve Woolgar, Tanja Schneider 10 Mar 2011