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Tamara Wood

Series featuring Tamara Wood

  • States of fragility (Forced Migration Review 43)
  • North Africa and displacement (Forced Migration Review 39)
  • Climate change and disasters (Forced Migration Review 49)
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Creative Commons FMR 49 - Developing temporary protection in Africa Formalised temporary protection arrangements in Africa could significantly improve access to territory and human rights for people displaced across borders by disasters. Such arrangements must adhere to states’ existing protection obligations. Tamara Wood 18 Jun 2015
2 Creative Commons FMR 43 Fragile states and protection under the 1969 African Refugee Convention Current practice in African states highlights both the potential and the limitations of the 1969 African Refugee Convention in providing protection to persons displaced from fragile states. Tamara Wood 09 Aug 2013
1 Creative Commons FMR 39 Legal protection frameworks The large-scale displacement associated with the recent popular uprisings in North Africa both reinforces and challenges the role of legal protection mechanisms. Tamara Wood 08 May 2013