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Roger Ainsworth

Series featuring Roger Ainsworth

  • St Catherine's College
  • The Cameron Mackintosh Inaugural Lecture Series
# Episode Title Description People Date
5 Creative Commons Stephen Fry- "Put on Your Red Shoes: Performance and Destiny" Stephen Fry, the 23rd holder of the Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professorship in Contemporary Theatre gives his first lecture at the University followed by Q&A with Roger Ainsworth. (Contains strong language). Stephen Fry, Roger Ainsworth 21 Feb 2014
4 On Stage and Screen: Defining Moments in Entertainment Since 1962 As St Catherine's was being built, in July 1962, the Telstar satellite was making history as the first to relay television pictures through space. A year later, Mary Whitehouse would launch her 'Clean Up TV' campaign. Michael Billington, Sara Ramsden, Libby Purves, Thelma Holt 09 Oct 2012
3 Renewable Energies in a Green Economy: Defining Developments It was with the chance of making 'a special contribution to the urgent national need for more scientists' that St Catherine's College was first contemplated. Nicholas Stern, Vivienne Cox, Erica Hope, Steve Groves 09 Oct 2012
2 After the Crash: Restoring Economic Growth Founding St Catherine's College in the 1960s required extensive appeals to industry to secure adequate funding to build and endow the new College. Tracy Corrigan, Clive Maxwell, Martin Heipertz, Paul Betts 05 Oct 2012
1 Defining Moments in International Relations Since 1962 The world of our Founders was one in which the space race heated up, and the Cold War froze over. In October 1962, as the College's first cohort of undergraduates arrived, Cuba was bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. Marshall Cloyd, Jens Tholstrup, Clark Ervin, James Rodgers 05 Oct 2012