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Paul Betts

Series featuring Paul Betts

  • European Studies Centre
  • St Catherine's College
  • Politics and International Relations Podcasts
  • Mansfield College
  • Europe's Stories Project
# Episode Title Description People Date
6 10th Anniversary Dahrendorf Lecture and Colloquium 4. Writing a history of Europe What Stories Does Europe Tell? Contested Narratives, Complex Histories, Conflicted Union. Ian Kershaw, Andreas Wirsching, Margaret MacMillan, Paul Betts 10 Jun 2020
5 Creative Commons The Aftermath of World War II and the New Political Geography of Europe Modern European History Professor Paul Betts reflects on the legacy of World War II and its relevance to conflicts and crises today. Paul Betts, Félix Krawatzek 25 Oct 2015
4 POMP Seminar Series 4 Poles and Germans into Silesians: Serial Nationalisation's in Late 20th Century Poland. Jim Bjork, Hugo Service, Paul Betts 11 Mar 2014
3 Political Extremism in the Interwar Period and its Economic Roots. Kevin O'Rourke, Chichele Professor of Economic History, and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, gives a seminar for the PEFM programme. The discussant was Othon Anastasa and the chair was Paul Betts, St. Antony's College, Oxford. Kevin O’Rourke, Othon Anastasakis, Paul Betts 27 Nov 2013
2 Britain and Germany in Europe: What Prospects? Session two. Germany's role in the EU is becoming more important, while Britain appears increasingly detached from the European project. What roles for Britain and Germany? What prospects for European integration? Christine Dalby, Rudolf Adam, Paul Betts 26 Nov 2013
1 After the Crash: Restoring Economic Growth Founding St Catherine's College in the 1960s required extensive appeals to industry to secure adequate funding to build and endow the new College. Tracy Corrigan, Clive Maxwell, Martin Heipertz, Paul Betts 05 Oct 2012