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Humanities at the Department for Continuing Education

A collection of audio and video resources of lectures, seminars and presentations from the Department's humanities' programmes.

# Episode Title Description People Date
11 Philosophy and the Future of Warfare Can there be such a thing as a ‘moral’ war? Can it ever be right to kill innocent people, even in self-defence? Helen Frowe, Alex Leveringhaus, James Pattison, Marianne Talbot 12 Dec 2016
10 Creative Commons Spiders, yes, but why cats? Prof.Iain McGilchrist illustrates his argument by appeal to a number of paintings done by psychotic patients. He points to various commonalities between these paintings and speculates on the ways in which they support claims about the two hemispheres and Iain McGilchrist 07 May 2014
9 Creative Commons Was Schubert a musical brain? Prof. Raymond Tallis deepens his argument against the idea that we are our brains. He believes there is a distinction in kind between humans and other animals. This he illustrates by appeal to the differences between the music of Schubert and the singing Raymond Tallis 07 May 2014
8 Creative Commons Am I my mind? Prof. Iain McGilchrist, whilst agreeing with Tallis that we are not our brains argues that we can learn a great deal about our culture by learning more about our brain. In particular we should recognise we have two hemispheres, each with a different funct Iain McGilchrist 07 May 2014
7 Creative Commons Am I my brain? Prof. Raymond Tallis argues that extraordinary claims have been made for neurophysiology. For example it has been said that a person is nothing but his or her brain. Professor Raymond Tallis rejects this ‘neuromania’. He shows why it is attractive, but al Raymond Tallis 07 May 2014
6 The Truth about Art 3 - Aesthetics Another ancient belief held that an art should be governed by rules. Patrick Doorly 11 Apr 2014
5 The Truth about Art 1 - Mystery or Mastery E.H. Gombrich famously observed that 'there really is no such thing as Art' (with a capital A). Patrick Doorly 11 Apr 2014
4 Learning and Work in Medieval England Did Medieval people go on learning through their adult life? If so, what kind of things did they learn about, who taught them, and how was it done? This lecture was delivered 23rd May 2013 as part of national Adult Learners' Week. Elizabeth Gemmill 29 May 2013
3 Talking to Camera A new one-day course at the Department for Continuing Education taught by Paul Heiney, writer and broadcaster, this course is intended to help people face a video camera with confidence, and communicate through the fast-growing video media. Paul Heiney 04 May 2011
2 John Milton: poet, pamphleteer and patriot Dr Anna Beer gives an overview of the life and works of the poet John Milton. Anna Beer 11 Sep 2008
1 If I were you, I wouldn't start from here: understanding Oxford through its past Local history lecture, by Chris Day, giving an overview of the history of the University of Oxford. Chris Day 01 Sep 2008