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Liz Carmichael

Series featuring Liz Carmichael

  • From Conscience to Robots: Practical Ethics Workshops
  • Building Peace 2010 to 2019
  • Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminars
  • Conflict and Cultural Heritage Conference
  • Building Peace 2020
  • OxPeace Conference 2009: The Serious Study of Peace
  • OxPeace (Oxford Network of Peace Studies) Conference 2021. Peace in the Nuclear Era: threats, treaties and public understanding
  • OxPeace Conference 2022: Who Builds Peace?
  • Science and Religious Conflict Conference
# Episode Title Description People Date
16 Creative Commons OxPeace 2022 Session 2: Part 1 Dr Liz Carmichael presents "Implementing peace: South Africa’s Peace Structures 1991-1994." Liz Carmichael 10 Jun 2022
15 OxPeace 2021: Dilemmas for education and peace: the Japanese experience Dr Isabella Bunn introduces Professor Koji Nakamura, who presents “Japan: dilemmas for education and peace” at the OxPeace 2021 Conference. Final responses from panel. Dr Liz Carmichael closes the OxPeace 2021 Conference. Isabella Bunn, Koji Nakamura, Liz Carmichael 02 Jul 2021
14 OxPeace 2021 Session 1: Opening and keynote addresses: ‘Current Threats and Challenges’ Reverend Dr Liz Carmichael MBE, Convener of OxPeace, opens the 2021 OxPeace Conference. Liz Carmichael, Lord John Alderdice, Nick Ritchie 23 Jun 2021
13 Oxpeace 2009: The Serious Study of Peace Introduction At the morning plenary, Saturday 2 May, Revd Dr Liz Carmichael MBE (Oxford University, Theology) introduces the Conference. Liz Carmichael 08 Jan 2021
12 OxPeace 2020: Take-aways from the ‘Women, Peace and Security’ Conference Frances Guy and Liz Carmichael sum up the 2020 Oxpeace Conference. Frances Guy, Liz Carmichael 02 Nov 2020
11 OxPeace 2020: Opening and keynote address on 'Feminine Peace, Human Security' Dr Liz Carmichael MBE opens the OxPeace 2020 Conference; Teohna Williams gives keynote on “Feminine Peace, Human Security” Liz Carmichael, Teohna Williams 06 Sep 2020
10 OxPeace 2019, Peace in the Anthropocene: Welcome Reverend Dr Liz Carmichael MBE and Reverend Professor Andy Gosler, Co-conveners of OxPeace, open the 2019 OxPeace conference. Liz Carmichael, Andy Gosler 08 Jul 2019
9 OxPeace 2019: Peace in the Anthropocene: A kaleidoscope of problems and responses Reverend Dr Liz Carmichael chairs 'Building peace in the anthropocene? A kaleidoscope of problems and responses' with Prof. Heather Bouman (Oxford), Prof. Romola Davenport (Cambridge), Dr Coline Covington, Dr Daniel Ruiz and Oluwasolape Onafowora. Liz Carmichael, Heather Bouman, Romola Davenport, Coline Covington 08 Jul 2019
8 OxPeace 2018: Progressive roles of business in the South African transition Dr Liz Carmichael discusses the ‘Progressive roles of business in the South African transition’ at the 2018 Oxpeace Conference. Liz Carmichael 16 Nov 2018
7 Creative Commons Welcome and introduction Dr. Liz Carmichael (OxPeace) introduces the "Conflict and Cultural Heritage Conference", held in St John's College on Saturday 31 October 2015. Liz Carmichael 18 Nov 2015
6 Creative Commons OxPeace 2015: Closing Remarks Dr Liz Carmichael closes the 2015 OxPeace Conference. Liz Carmichael 16 Jun 2015
5 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015 Introduction Dr Liz Carmichael opens the 2015 OxPeace Conference, held in St John's College on 10th May 2015. Liz Carmichael 16 Jun 2015
4 Creative Commons Religion in Conflict and Peacemaking, with Particular Reference to South Africa Presentations from a two-day international and interdisciplinary conference on the theme of reducing religious conflict. Organised by the SRC Project, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford (June 2012). Liz Carmichael 12 Jul 2012
3 Religion in Peacebuilding and Conflict. OxPeace 2010 A breakout session of the Building Peace conference organized by the Oxford Network for Peace Studies and hosted by St John's College, Oxford on 15 May 2010. Liz Carmichael, Philip Lewis, William Headley, Suren Raghavan 21 Dec 2010
2 Managing Transition: the National Peace Accord, South Africa, 1991-94 Delivered by Rev. Dr. Liz Carmichael MBE, Chaplain and Tutor in Theology, St John's College, University of Oxford; and Facilitator and Trainer under the National Peace Accord. Part of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar Series, Trinity 2010. Liz Carmichael 21 Jun 2010
1 Creative Commons Religious disagreement and religious accommodation Professor Tony Coady (University of Melbourne) gives a talk for the Science and Religious Conflict Conference. The commentator is Reverend Dr Liz Carmichael (University of Oxford). Tony Coady, Liz Carmichael 07 Jun 2010