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Giles Bergel

Series featuring Giles Bergel

  • Cultural Connections: exchanging knowledge and widening participation in the Humanities
  • The Bodleian Libraries (BODcasts)
  • Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Seeing is Believing: Computer vision and machine learning for image collections Giles Bergel gives a talk on using new technologies to understand the history of books and printing. Giles Bergel 05 Jul 2017
2 Creative Commons 13.Bodleian Ballads Online: engagement for performance, teaching and research. Cultural Connections talk by Giles Bergel. Part of the Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School 2013. Giles Bergel 08 Aug 2013
1 Creative Commons Image Matching on Printed Images in Bodleian Collections Giles Bergel and Andrew Zisserman from the Broadside Ballad Connections project demonstrate new image matching software that allows researchers to track images across early forms of printed literature. Visit http://ballads.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/. Giles Bergel, Andrew Zisserman, Relja Arandjelovic 13 Dec 2012