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Neoliberalism workshop: Implications for future visions of work and organisation

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Duration: 0:24:34 | Added: 11 Dec 2015
Richard White, Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography, Sheffield Hallam University, gives a talk for the Neoliberalism, Employment and the Law workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford, hosted the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in November 2015.

Dr White examined how we can value and harness alternative work practices in a neoliberal society. He challenged the negativity associated with neoliberalism as a label and argued that decentralisation of capitalism could be harnessed to help us think differently about social justice and empowerment in our everyday spaces and lives.
He said understanding the pervasive nature of non-commodified work practices promoted greater awareness around ‘alternative’, non-capitalist spaces within the advanced economies of the western world.

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