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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Series 2 Episode 7 - Why research regulation falls short in genomic medicine As a society, we tend to focus a lot on risk and try to control it through regulation - but how well does that work for ensuring ethical practice in genomics? We talk to Dr Kate Lyle about her research on this topic. Rachel Horton, Gabrielle Samuel, Kate Lyle 02 May 2023
2 What does welfare mean today? The Disobedient Buildings team explore the continuities and differences in the welfare systems in the UK, Romania and Norway . Inge Daniels, Gabriela Nicolescu, Anna Ulrikke Andersen 04 May 2022
3 Twenty-first century: populism, neoliberalism, and their discontents Andrew Arsan (University of Cambridge) gives a talk for the Middle East Centre. Chaired by Walter Armbrust (St Antony's College). Andrew Arsan 01 May 2019
4 Education and the new Conservatism: Social wellbeing, national character and British values Professor Gary McCulloch, UCL Institute of Education, gives a talk for the Education Public seminar series on 27th February 2017. Gary McCulloch 28 Feb 2017
5 Creative Commons Neoliberalism workshop: Implications for future visions of work and organisation Richard White, Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography, Sheffield Hallam University, gives a talk for the Neoliberalism, Employment and the Law workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford, hosted the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in November 2015. Ben Jackson 11 Dec 2015
6 Creative Commons Neoliberalism, Trade Unions and the Labour Market: An overview of the core ideological claims Ben Jackson, Associate Professor & Tutorial Fellow in Modern History, Faculty of History & University College, Oxford University, gives a talk at the Neoliberalism, Employment and the Law workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford. Ben Jackson 11 Dec 2015
7 Creative Commons Neoliberalism as Analytical Starting Point: Possibilities and Problems Introduced by Dr Amir Paz-Fuchs, Dr Eagleton-Pierce examines neoliberalism from an international political economy perspective. Matthew Eagleton-Price 11 Dec 2015
8 Creative Commons The Neoliberal Construction of Modern Slavery: The Case of Migrant Domestic Workers Judy Fudge, Professor of Law, Kent Law School, University of Kent examines Modern Slavery as a causal effect of the emphasis on human trafficking, anti-immigration and criminal law rather than employment law for migrant domestic workers. Judy Fudge 11 Dec 2015
9 Creative Commons Neoliberalism Workshop: Contradictions in liberal reforms: The regulation of labour subcontracting Guy Mundlak, Professor at The Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, gives a talk for the Neoliberalism workshop. Guy Mundlak 11 Dec 2015
10 Creative Commons Panel 1 | Preludes and Explanations Re-scaling Egypt's Political Economy: Neoliberalism and the Transformation of the Regional Space Adam Hanieh of the School of Oriental and African Studies considers the connection between international and regional patterns in Egypt's neoliberal order under Mubarak. Adam Hanieh 25 May 2012
11 Creative Commons The Political Economy of Reconstituted Neoliberalism: Reflections on Bolivia and Latin American Neostructuralism Jeffery R. Webber, Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Queen Mary, University of London, gives a talk on 26th Jan 2012 for the Historical Materialism and International Relations seminar series. Jeff Webber 23 Feb 2012