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labour market

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Creative Commons Neoliberalism workshop: Implications for future visions of work and organisation Richard White, Senior Lecturer in Economic Geography, Sheffield Hallam University, gives a talk for the Neoliberalism, Employment and the Law workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford, hosted the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society in November 2015. Ben Jackson 11 Dec 2015
2 Creative Commons Neoliberalism, Trade Unions and the Labour Market: An overview of the core ideological claims Ben Jackson, Associate Professor & Tutorial Fellow in Modern History, Faculty of History & University College, Oxford University, gives a talk at the Neoliberalism, Employment and the Law workshop at Wolfson College, Oxford. Ben Jackson 11 Dec 2015
3 Creative Commons FMR 48 - Work and refugee integration in Sweden One of the main challenges facing refugees trying to integrate in their host country is finding a suitable job. Sweden recognises this issue and is investing in making inclusion in the labour market the driver of refugee integration. Miguel Peromingo 03 Jun 2015
4 Information Technologies and Marginalization in African Market Economies Laura Mann summarises her lecture on information technologies and marginalization in African market economies, part of the OII's Society and the Internet Lecture Series. Laura Mann 28 Feb 2012
5 Ethnic stratification in Chinas labor markets- the case of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Ethnic Labour market discrimination in China, with a particular focus on the Uyghur Minority. Xiaogang Wu 27 May 2011