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'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 2: 'Making a Place', 'Between' and 'Getting Lost'

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Duration: 2:13:40 | Added: 20 Apr 2023
Talks from Caroline Tully, Elizabeth Garner, Gwendolyne Knight and more on the themes of 'Making a Place', 'Between' and 'Getting Lost'.

'Magic and the Sense of Place' Conference Day 2, Friday 15 July 2022.

Session 4: Making a Place
Caroline Tully, ‘Cosmothonia, henges and wildercharms: the magical earth-sky-love-body in Feraferia’
Steve Gladwin, ‘“The woods are lovely, dark and deep”: An Encounter in Time, Story, and Duality’
Elizabeth Garner and Tim Campbell-Green, ‘Blackden: boundaries and blessings’

Session 5: Between
Gwendolyne Knight, ‘Sámi “Magic” Between Primary and Secondary Worlds’
Sophie Page, ‘Magic and Living things in Medieval Europe: Extinct, Everyday and Extraordinary Creatures’
Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, tarot designers, ‘Omens and the sense of place in divination and cartomancy’

Session 6: Getting Lost
Alexandra Paddock and Diane Purkiss, ‘Sinking into a place: bog bodies, Grendel, and the Green Chapel’
Sabina Magliocco, ‘Crafting Enchantment: Fairy Gardens and Emplacement in North America’
Flora McLachlan, artist

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