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Is London the most unequal European City?

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Duration: 0:24:15 | Added: 04 May 2022
Inge daniels interviews Geography Professor Danny Dorling to discuss the extent of social and economic inequality in London.

In this episode Inge Daniels talks to Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford. He has written numerous books and articles about social and economic inequality in the UK and beyond, including "Finntopia" (2020) and "32 Stops" (2013) mentioned in the recording. Professor Dorling uses statistical analysis about populations to gauge the state of welfare and wellbeing in Europe. He shares some of the idiosyncrasies and ironies of London that have emerged from his research. Is London the most unequal city in Europe? Why is life expectancy falling? Is cladding mainly done for other people’s views? What might happen if citizens start to challenge misleading narratives of prosperity and individual responsibility propagated by those in charge?

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