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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Cash Transfer Grants in South Africa during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Work Behind the ESRC Outstanding Public Policy Impact Award 2023 The CSAE's Kate Orkin has won the ESRC award for Outstanding Public Policy Impact 2023. Stefan Dercon talks to Kate about the work behind the cash grant programme in South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic that reached an extra 26.2 million people. Stefan Dercon, Kate Orkin 28 Nov 2023
2 What does welfare mean today? The Disobedient Buildings team explore the continuities and differences in the welfare systems in the UK, Romania and Norway . Inge Daniels, Gabriela Nicolescu, Anna Ulrikke Andersen 04 May 2022
3 Is London the most unequal European City? Inge daniels interviews Geography Professor Danny Dorling to discuss the extent of social and economic inequality in London. Inge Daniels, Danny Dorling 04 May 2022
4 Citizenship Deprivation As the controversial Nationality and Borders Bill works its way through parliament in the UK, we investigate Clause 9 which focuses on citizenship deprivation and the rights of the Home Secretary to take somebody's citizenship away. Abhishek Saha, Rob McNeil, Jacqui Broadhead, Zoe Gardner 08 Apr 2022
5 4. Social Europe | The Europe’s Stories Podcast Ana and Lucas speak today with our team’s specialists on the things that bring quality of life to Europeans - jobs, industry and the welfare state. Kristijan Fidanovski, Guillaume Paugam, Ana Martins, Lucas Tse. 28 Sep 2021
6 The Queen's Access Podcast: Episode 1 - Welfare Kyla Thomas, Queen’s JCR Access and Outreach Rep, talks to Seren Ford, Female Welfare rep for the JCR, about how Queen's supports the welfare of its students and what to do if you're in need of some help. Kyla Thomas, Seren Ford 17 Feb 2021
7 Your Digital Life During Lockdown A podcast to help students consider how best to use digital devices during the COVID-19 lockdown. A blog on digital distractions can be found on the welfare coronavirus advice page https://www.ox.ac.uk/students/welfare/counselling/coronavirus Ulrik Lyngs, Maureen Freed, Oxford University Counselling Service 28 May 2020
8 Journaling Advice on how journaling can help you to improve your mental health & wellbeing, by Femke Stokes. Oxford University Counselling Service 27 May 2020
9 Creative Commons Non-state welfare and the politics of abandonment: Northern Karen State in the shadow of the 1990s Gerard McCarthy speaks at the 'The Karen in 2017: Resilience, Aspirations and Politics' workshop on 15 June 2017. Gerard McCarthy 04 Jul 2018
10 The Not So Odd Couple: Richard Nixon and Daniel Patrick Moynihan Mr Price, who joined the staff of the Nixon administration in 1969, working in the Urban Affairs Council, discusses the relationship between Moynihan and Nixon during the Nixon presidency. John Price 09 May 2016
11 The Not So Odd Couple: Richard Nixon and Daniel Patrick Moynihan Mr Price, who joined the staff of the Nixon administration in 1969, working in the Urban Affairs Council, discusses the relationship between Moynihan and Nixon during the Nixon presidency. John Price 09 May 2016
12 Reverse welfare magnet Would a narrower gap in social services provision help to manage migration from developing countries? Edo Mahendra 09 Nov 2015
13 Creative Commons The changing face of social protection in Africa's cities Examining how social protection is conceptualised in research in African contexts and reviewing the extent to which these different approaches can take into account the changing populations of urban spaces, especially those experiencing high migration Oliver Bakewell 03 Nov 2015
14 The EU and national welfare: The shifting boundaries of solidarity Maurizio Ferrera, Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan, gives a talk as part of the Centenary seminar series in Hilary Term 2014. Maurizio Ferrera 03 Jun 2015
15 Creative Commons Keynote: Nutritional States and Welfare Regimes Stanley Ulijaszek, ISCA, University of Oxford, gives a talk for the UBVO seminar series. Stanley Ulijaszek 16 Feb 2015
16 The History of Parliament The second in our lecture series for Trinity Term 2014, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by Chris Bryant, MP -- Labour MP for Rhondda since 2001, Shadow Minister for Welfare Reform since October 2013. Chris Bryant 03 Sep 2014
17 Creative Commons Warfare and the welfare state: causal mechanisms and effects Professor Herbert Obinger, University of Bremen, gives a talk as part of the Centenary seminar series in Michaelmas Term 2013, celebrating 100 years of social enquiry at Oxford University's Department of Social Policy and Intervention. Herbert Obinger 26 Feb 2014
18 Creative Commons 1st St Cross Seminar HT13: Two Conceptions of Children's Welfare Anthony Skelton examines possible reasons why philosophers have neglected to discuss children's welfare. After outlining and evaluating differing views, a rival account is presented. Anthony Skelton 05 Feb 2013
19 Civic stratification and civil repair: the case of welfare and asylum Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term 2012. Seminar by Professor Lydia Morris (University of Essex) recorded on 28 November 2012 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Lydia Morris 29 Nov 2012
20 Experiences at the sharp end: Practitioners' perspectives on inclusion and exclusion (Panel Discussion) Four experts discuss their practical experiences of migrants' access to services and exclusion from services. Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series: Migrants and welfare states: inclusion or exclusion? Fizza Qureshi, Ruthanna Barnett, Bill Bolloten, Nick Clark 06 Aug 2012
21 Creative Commons Civic Stratification and Migrants Rights Lydia Morris discusses the stratification of rights as a way to explain rights given or constrained by the state, in the migration context. Lydia Morris 05 Mar 2012
22 Creative Commons Between welfare states and markets: the migrant-policy nexus in comparative perspective and reflections on social rights and antidiscrimination law Virginie Guiraudon takes an interdisciplinary look at social and human rights and anti-discrimination laws, giving a historical, legal and sociological perspective, as well as considering the European situation. Virginie Guiraudon 05 Mar 2012
23 Creative Commons Entitlement, belonging and outsiderness: Britain's Gypsy Travellers in the twentieth century Becky Taylor discusses issues of entitlement, belonging and outsiderness for Britain's Gypsy travellers in the 20th century, with a focus on housing, education and perception. Becky Taylor 05 Mar 2012
24 Justice Between Generations Mark Philp, Simon Caney and Adam Swift discuss the issue of intergenerational justice and ask questions like how do we allocate resources intergenerationally accross areas like welfare, pensions, higher education and environmental costs? Mark Philp, Simon Caney, Adam Swift 12 Oct 2011
25 A bit of time travel: Social change for adolescents in the UK since the 1970s and some thoughts about adolescent welfare Keynote address from the Human Welfare Conference at Green Templeton College. Dr Ann Hagell runs a Nuffield Foundation initiative on time trends in adolescent mental health and has been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Adolescence since 2000. Ann Hagell 07 Jun 2011
26 Creative Commons Prioritarianism, Levelling Down and Welfare Diffusion Lecture and discussion from Professor Ingmar Persson (Gothenburg University), the discussant is Derek Parfit (Oxford). Ingmar Persson, Derek Parfit 28 Mar 2011
27 Life Chances and Early Childhood Investments 2010 Sidney Ball memorial Lecture given by Professor Gøsta Esping-Andersen at St Antony's College. Gøsta Esping-Andersen 08 Nov 2010
28 Public Attitudes to Poverty, Inequality and Welfare: What are the Implications for Social Policy? Lecture delivered by Tim Horton, Research Director and Deputy General Secretary of the Fabian Society, Britain's leading left of centre think tank and political society. Tim Horton 20 Aug 2010
29 Colloquium Week 7: "What are the social work types and why should we care?" A paper presented on Tuesday 9th June 2009 at the St Cross College Colloquium. Tracy Wharton 10 Jun 2009
30 Contract, Obligation, Rights and Reciprocity in the New Modern Welfare State This lecture, delivered by Lord Raymond Plant on 18 April 2007, opened the inaugural workshop in the Foundation's programme on 'The Social Contract Revisited'. Raymond Plant 11 Aug 2008