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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Violent environments? Towards a political ecology of international law Dr Eliana Cusato, postdoctoral fellow at the Amsterdam Center for International Law, presents an overview of the key arguments in her book, 'The Ecology of War and Peace: Marginalising Slow and Structural Violence in International Law'. Eliana Cusato 20 Jan 2023
2 Creative Commons OxPeace 2022 Session 3: Part 4 Graeme Simpson presents "‘Countering the Violence of Exclusion’: From Policy to Delivery of the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda." Graeme Simpson 10 Jun 2022
3 Violence Nesrine Badawi speaking on ‘Debating Militancy in the Modern World’ and Murad Idris speaking on ‘Theorizing Colonialism, Capitalism, and Violence in an Islamist Key.' Nesrine Badawi, Murad Idris, Faisal Devji, Usaama al-Azami 08 Apr 2022
4 Creative Commons Victims of Algorithmic Violence: An Introduction to AI Ethics and Human-AI Interaction A high-level overview of key areas of AI ethics and not-ethics, exploring the challenges of algorithmic decision-making, kinds of bias, and interpretability, linking these issues to problems of human-system interaction. Max Van Kleek 06 Apr 2022
5 OxPeace 2020: Combating Sexual and Gender-based Violence Dr Henri Myrttinen, Gender Associations, gives a talk for the 2020 Oxpeace Conference Henri Myrttinen 02 Nov 2020
6 S1E1: Violence and Adolescence This episode explores the impact of violence in the lives of young people, both in African contexts and beyond. Elleke Boehmer, Diana Walters, Patricia Daley, Heidi Stöckl 06 Feb 2020
7 Gender, State-collapse, Conflict and State-building: Recent Research from the Somali Context Gender, State-collapse, Conflict and State-building: Recent Research from the Somali Context Judith Gardner 29 Apr 2019
8 Creative Commons The Production of Buddhist-Violence in Sri Lanka: A Reading through the Development of the Idea of Holy City of Anuradhapura in the Early-Twentieth Century Pradeep Sangapala and Nihal Perera speak at the 'Interrogating Buddhism and Nationalism' workshop 28 January 2018. Pradeep Sangapala, Nihal Perera 11 Jul 2018
9 Creative Commons Ending Impunity is the Key to Combatting Gender-Based Violence Naw Wah Ku Shee speaks at the 'Gender, Rights and Justice in a Transitioning Myanmar' conference on 13 November 2017. Naw Wah Ku Shee 04 Jul 2018
10 Creative Commons Law and Gender-Based Violence in Transitioning Myanmar Htar Htar speaks at the 'Gender, Rights and Justice in a Transitioning Myanmar' conference on 13 November 2017. Htar Htar 04 Jul 2018
11 Art and Emergency Book at Lunchtime, Art and Emergency Emilia Terracciano, Partha Mitter, Lion König, Naiza Khan 22 May 2018
12 Creative Commons Ambivalence, Ambiguity and Alienation: Making Sense of 'Tension' in North India Raphael Susewind speaks at the South Asia Seminar on 13 February 2018 Raphael Susewind 19 Feb 2018
13 Disaster Drawn: Comics and Picturing Violence Keynote lecture by Hilary Chute as part of the Documenting Trauma conference. Hilary Chute 05 Sep 2017
14 Consequentialist Extremism: Present Sacrifices for Future Dreams in the Justification of Violence Part of the Sacrifice Revisited event Jonathan Leader Maynard 22 May 2017
15 On Violence, Gender, and Sacrifice: Old Stories and New Reflections Part of the Sacrifice Revisited event Kimberley Hutchings 22 May 2017
16 Creative Commons Shakespeare and Machiavellian Politics of Violence, Closing Keynote Closing Keynote: Elizabeth Frazer (University of Oxford) gives the closing keynote for the Political Demonologies conference, held at Worcester College on 20th May 2016. Elizabeth Frazer 13 Sep 2016
17 Environment, Energy and Economics and the Structure of our Geo-Political Future Steven Jermy gives a talk for the Changing Character of War Programme seminar series. Steven Jermy 08 Jul 2016
18 Creative Commons The Utility of Force in Cities: Calibrating Security and Development Tools for Urban Stability Rapid and unmanaged urbanisation is leading to protracted armed violence in key cities of the developing world. This seminar analyses the conduct of recent stabilisation operations within large and mega-cities. Antonio Sampaio 06 Jul 2016
19 Creative Commons The Death Masks of Macbeth Professor Simon Palfrey discusses the deaths and afterlives of Oliver Cromwell and Macbeth Simon Palfrey 07 Jun 2016
20 Sexual Violence: the spectrum of support for survivors A podcast of an event which brought together local expertise that explored the support available to students who have experienced sexual violence. Mike Wallen, Mo Sayer, Ammara Kanwal, Siriol Davies 03 Jun 2016
21 Displacements of Memory: Post-War Development, the Clash of Materialities and the Labors of the Negative in Burundi’s Sites of Violence Dr. Andrea Purdeková gives a talk for the OTJR seminar series. Andrea Purdeková 12 May 2016
22 FMR 50 General - Sheltering displaced persons from sexual and gender-based violence Providing a variety of safe shelter types, each with its own unique strengths and limitations, within a single area could help meet the diverse and changing needs of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Julie Freccero 01 Sep 2015
23 John Milton Fellowship Annual Lecture - Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence The fourth in our lecture series for Hilary Term 2015, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by Karen Armstrong -- Author and commentator. Karen Armstrong 07 Aug 2015
24 Creative Commons FMR 48 - From violence to more violence in Central America Many Central American migrants flee their home country as a result of violence and threats from the criminal gangs. A large number of them also encounter the same type of violence that they are fleeing when on the migratory routes through Mexico. Israel Medina 03 Jun 2015
25 Is there such a thing as a just war? Is an ethical war a paradoxical notion? If violence is almost always unacceptable, how can we justify acts of war? Jeff McMahan, Nigel Warburton, David Edmonds 21 Oct 2014
26 Designed to Kill: The Social Life of Weapons in Twentieth Century Britain Weapon design and modern warfare. Joanna Bourke 16 Oct 2014
27 Creative Commons How can far-right extremism be tackled through policy? Lessons from 10 EU countries In recent years, many European countries have been grimly reminded of the threat from far-right violence motivated by hatred towards migrants and minorities. This talk explores how 10 European countires are attempting to address this. Vidhya Ramalingam, Nicola Perry, Sarah Pinnock 14 Apr 2014
28 Anti-Muslim Movements in Sri Lanka and Myanmar: Connections and Commonalities This talk examines the recent rise of violence perpetrated by Buddhist nationalists on Muslim and Christian residents in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Matthew Walton 08 Apr 2014
29 Creative Commons Justification for Killing in War Nigel Warburton talks with Seth Lazar on the ethics and justification of killing in war Seth Lazar, Nigel Warburton 08 Jan 2014
30 Critical Voices on the Responsibility to Protect Dr Aidan Hehir (Director of the Security and International Relations Programme, University of Westminster) and Dr Ann-Christin Raschdorf (Former Visiting Fellow, ELAC 2011), are chaired by Professor Jennifer Welsh on 9th November 2012. Aidan Hehir, Ann-Christin Raschdorf, Jennifer Welsh 26 Mar 2013
31 Creative Commons Utopia and Terror: How interdisciplinary methodologies can help us understand violent societies. The example of Croatian Ustasha regime Part of the Cantemir Institute seminar series. Rory Yeomans, senior research analyst at the Ministry of Justice, gives a talk on how interdisciplinary methodologies help us understand violent societies. Rory Yeomans 12 Feb 2013
32 Creative Commons The Price of Omission: Brazilian Government Reparations to Victims of the Military Regime: Oak Series on Amnesty Dr. Glenda Mezarobba, Research Fellow, Universidade de Campinas; Executive Director,. Glenda Mezarobba 29 Jun 2012
33 Creative Commons Who is the Terrorist? Memories, Victims and the Use of Legitimate Violence Dr Diego Muro, Santander Visiting Fellow, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, gives a talk for the OTJR Seminar Series. Diego Muro 29 Jun 2012
34 Creative Commons Opportunistic violence and the impossibility of intimacy In this Anthropology Departmental Seminar, Dhana Hughes (St John's College, University of Oxford) examines 'memories of revenge and denunciation in Sri Lanka's Southern Terror'. 11 May 2012. Dhana Hughes 27 Jun 2012
35 Creative Commons On Free Speech 1: Deletion and Denialism Free Speech Debate's monthly podcast features a round-up of interviews on the site including Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, former Formula One boss Max Mosley and Chinese scholar Yan Xuetong. Brian Pellot, Katie Engelhart, Jimmy Wales, Max Mosley 01 Feb 2012
36 Creative Commons Killing in Humanitarian Wars Professor Cecile Fabre, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Lincoln College Oxford University, gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW lunchtime seminar series on the 3rd May, 2011. Introduced by Dr David Rodin. Cecile Fabre 16 May 2011
37 The Consequences of Violent Politics in Zimbabwe: Norton in 2009 Jocelyn alexander gives a talk for the Hilary Term 2011 Oxford Transitional Justice Research Seminar Series on the 16th February 2011. Jocelyn Alexander 21 Feb 2011
38 Creative Commons RSC Astor Lecture: Gendered Violence and the Politics of Memory in Sudan's Conflict Zones This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's 2nd Astor Lecture which was on Tuesday 25th January 2011 at The Taylor Institute, University of Oxford. Sondra Hale 26 Jan 2011
39 A Fighting Chance or Fighting Dirty? Michael Gross meets the Spartans Part of the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict/Changing Character of War program seminar series looking into the Ethics of war and violence. Cian O'Driscoll, David Rodin 24 Jan 2011