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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 United Nations Peacekeeping UN peacekeeping expert Renata Dwan shares first-hand experience with peacekeeping in Mali, peacekeeping after the Arab Spring, and how peacekeeping was affected by the 2008 financial crisis. Renata Dwan, Jan Eijking 20 Feb 2024
2 5 - Shaharzad Akbar Human rights in Afghanistan - a feminist journey Shaharzad Akbar 22 Nov 2022
3 Creative Commons Reparations for Human Rights and Humanitarian Violations: Taking Stock 10 years after the UN Basic Principles and Guidelines Dr. Carla Ferstman (Director of REDRESS), gives a talk for the OTJR Seminar series on 3rd February 2016. Carla Ferstman 04 Feb 2016
4 Session 4 - What has our experience taught us? Lesson for future policy Michael Keating and Dr Randolf Kent (BAFUNCS members) give presentations on thier experiences at the UN. Followed by a discussion moderated by Sir Adam Roberts. Sir Adam Roberts, Michael Keating, Randolf Kent 05 Nov 2015
5 Session 3 - Delivering humanitarian aid while protecting human rights: The challenges for the UN of Impartiality, Access and Advocacy Sir John Homes and Professor Mukesh Kapila (BAFUNCS members) give presentations on their experience of the UN and the challenges it has in conflict and disaster areas. Followed by a discussion moderated by Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill Guy Goodwin-Gill, Sir John Holmes, Mukesh Kapila 05 Nov 2015
6 Session 2 - Working with political and development actors: Where should UN humanitarians 'sit'? Alan Doss and Nicola Dahrendorf (BAFUNCS members) give presentations on the UN working with political and development agencies across the world. Followed by discussion with David Hartland moderating. Alan Doss, Nicola Dahrendorf, David Harland 05 Nov 2015
7 Session 1 - Delivering Humanitarian Aid: Who does it best? Angela Raven-Roberts and Lamees Hafeez, BAFUNCS members, give presentations on who they think deliver humanitarian aid best, the UN or charities. Followed by a discussion moderated by Michael Mosselmans. Michael Mosselmans, Angela Raven-Roberts, Lamees Hafeez 05 Nov 2015
8 Welcome and Introduction Edward Mortimer, CMG, President of BAFUNCS (British Association of Former UN CIvil Servants) introduces the UN at 70: A Witness Seminar. Held in the Bodleian Library on 16th October 2015. Edward Mortimer 05 Nov 2015
9 Creative Commons OxPeace 2015: Key concerns in peace and security: building more peaceful and inclusive societies Sunil Suri gives a talk for Session C of the 2015 OxPeace conference; Peace and the proposed UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sunil Suri 16 Jun 2015
10 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015: ISIL and Islamic responses to extremism Imam Monwar Hussain give a talk for Session B of the 2015 OxPeace conference; Religion in peace and conflict: extreme war-making, didcated peacebuilding. Monawar Hussain 16 Jun 2015
11 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015: 'A Force for Peace': The UN Secretary-General and the Cold War, 1946-1953 Ellen Jenny Ravndal gives a talk for Session A of the 2015 OxPeace conference; New directions in the study of peacebuilding. Ellen Jenny Ravndal 16 Jun 2015
12 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015: Partnering to Make Peace: The Effectiveness of UN-African Joint Mediation Efforts in Civil Wars in Africa Allard Duursma gives a talk for Session A of the 2015 OxPeace conference; New directions in the study of peacebuilding. Allard Duursma 16 Jun 2015
13 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015: UN Peacebuilding and the pursuit of multi-Ethnicity in Kosovo Dana Landau gives a talk for Session A of the 2015 OxPeace conference; New directions in the study of peacebuilding. Dana Landau 16 Jun 2015
14 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015: Of Mandates and Majors: Exploring The United Nations' Role in Disarmament Demobilisation and Reinsertion, the Case of Timor Leste Dr Kate Roll gives a talk for Session A of the 2015 OxPeace conference; New directions in the study of peacebuilding. Kate Roll 16 Jun 2015
15 Creative Commons OxPeace 2015: Opening Plenary Peace and the UN at 70 Edward Mortimer CMG gives the opening talk for the OxPeace 2015 conference, held at St John's College on 10th May 2015. Edward Mortimer 16 Jun 2015
16 Creative Commons Oxpeace 2015 Introduction Dr Liz Carmichael opens the 2015 OxPeace Conference, held in St John's College on 10th May 2015. Liz Carmichael 16 Jun 2015
17 Creative Commons OxPeace 2015 Keynote: Peace and the UN at 70 Mark Maloch-Brown gives the keynote address at the 2015 OxPeace conference. Mark Maloch-Brown 16 Jun 2015
18 The UN's obligation to investigate disappearances and killings in Kosovo: the work of the Kosovo Human Rights Advisory Panel Professor Christine Chinkin, London School of Economics - 27 November 2014 Christine Chinkin 11 Dec 2014
19 Creative Commons Development in Practice: Rule of Law, Transitional Justice, and Human Rights Helen Clark, UNDP administrator gives a talk on development work and the advancement of human rights for the 2013 Hands Lecture. Helen Clark 22 May 2013
20 Creative Commons OxPeace 2013: UN Peacekeeping Radio: Session 2A UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Sacha Meuter gives a talk for the OxPeace 2013 conference: The Future of Peace Building. Sacha Meuter 21 May 2013
21 Creative Commons OxPeace 2013: Evolving an Integrated Approach to Peacebuilding in the UN Dr Carolyn McAskie OC, University of Ottawa, first UN Asst SG for Peacebuilding and head of the UN Peacebuilding Commission gives the first keynote on how the UN has spent over a decade and a half realizing an integrated approach to peacebuilding. Carolyn McAskie 21 May 2013
22 Creative Commons Oxford at Said Seminar: Oxford and Oxfam working together on the ethics of war, weapons and humanitarian aid The practice of protecting unarmed civilians amidst the fierce violence of international and non-international war contends with extreme political realities and rapidly developing robotic weapons technology. Hear how Oxford and Oxfam are working together. Hugo Slim, Jane Cocking, Alexander Leveringhaus 14 Mar 2013
23 Creative Commons The Decade Ahead: The US Role in the World (2012 Fulbright Lecture) Ambassador Thomas Pickering delivers the second Annual Oxford Fulbright Lecture on International Relations. This lecture took place on 18 May 2012. Thomas Pickering 20 Jun 2012
24 Creative Commons Kenya's Somalia Invasion: Security, Development and Humanitarian Assistance in Eastern Africa Professor David Anderson gives a talk for the African Studies Seminar series on 23rd February 2012. David Anderson 24 Feb 2012
25 Creative Commons The Challenges of Reporting Foreign Policy Bridget Kendall, BBC Diplomatic Correspondent, gives a talk for the Reuters Institute Seminar Series. Bridget Kendall 06 Feb 2012
26 Creative Commons Who Killed Dag Hammarskjöld? The UN, the Cold War, and White Supremacy in Africa Dr Susan Williams (Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London)gives a talk for the African Studies Centre Seminar Series on 19 January. Susan Williams 23 Jan 2012
27 Creative Commons Humanitarian Ethics in Armed Conflict: Aid Agency Dilemmas and Responsibility Dr Hugo Slim (Visiting Fellow, ELAC) gives a talk for the Ethics, Law and Armed conflict seminar series on 17 Jan 2012. Hugo Slim 19 Jan 2012
28 Creative Commons The Shadow of the ICC: Positive Complementarity and the Situation in Kenya Professor Chandra Sriram (SOAS) gives a talk for the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict/Changing Character of War Seminar Series. Introduced by Jennifer Welsh (Oxford). Chandra Sriram 11 Nov 2011
29 The Future of Africa: Challenges and Opportunities Former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, gives the first in the 700th Exeter College Anniversary lecture series at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on Africa; the challenges it faces and the opportunities it has. Kofi Annan 21 Feb 2011
30 Creative Commons Special Responsibilities in World Politics Professor Ian Clark and Professor Christian Reus-Smit give a talk for the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict 2011 Hilary Term seminar series. Ian Clark, Christian Reus-Smit 11 Feb 2011
31 Creative Commons Laurence Whitehead; Haiti after the Earthquake Laurence Whitehead talks about the extent of the damage done in Haiti by the earthquake of last year and how the people of Haiti are coping with living after the disaster. Laurence Whitehead 09 Apr 2010
32 Creative Commons John Mitchell; NGO's and humanitarian aid John Mitchell talks about the NGOs and humanitarian organisations work and how they have been working to help Haiti after the earthquake disaster. John Mitchell 09 Apr 2010
33 Creative Commons Paul Sherlock; Oxfam's response to the Haitian Earthquake Paul Sherlock gives his presentation for the event; 'The International Community's Response to Haiti'. Paul Sherlock 09 Apr 2010
34 Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2009 : Beyond Blankets: in search of political deals and durable solutions for the displaced This podcast was recorded at the Refugee Studies Centre's Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture which was on Wednesday 18th November 2009 at the Museum of Natural History, University of Oxford. Jan Egeland 27 Nov 2009
35 Who Should Intervene? The Agents of Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect Dr. James Pattison (University of the West of England) presents a seminar on humanitarian intervention and the 'responsibility to protect'. The discussant is Seth Lazar (Oxford). James Pattison, Seth Lazar 17 Feb 2009