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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Episode 7: Everywhere In this final episode, Katrina talks to Leo, Alice and Aimee about how Oxford has nurtured their passion for the ancient world, what connects Lizzo to Classics, and how understanding the past can be a force for good. Aimee Cousins, Leo Kershaw, Alice Main, Katrina Kelly 18 Feb 2022
2 Episode 6: Wales This episode features Boudica, a tortoise, Pegasus and Chris Martin, and that’s before we meet our panellists! Reem Ahmed, Lewys Griffiths, Ellie Williams, Katrina Kelly 17 Dec 2021
3 Episode 5: The North of England In this episode, we discuss Classics and employability, the tremendous breadth of the discipline, the thrill of philosophy, and how you can discover what fascinates you. Cristina Chui, Llewelyn Morgan, Amy Thompson, Katrina Kelly 01 Nov 2021
4 Episode 4: Midlands In this episode, we talk about coming to Classics without any ancient languages; Bertie’s first love and how Classics took her into the world of Facebook… Alexander Moore, Eleanor Newman, Roberta Thomson, Katrina Kelly 06 Oct 2021
5 British media and populism, and Brexit Trevor Kavanagh, political columnist at The Sun, talks us through the evolution of his newspaper’s editorial stance on Brexit over the decades, from the early Common Market to the ERM, ECU and EU referendum. Trevor Kavanagh 10 May 2019
6 Creative Commons Why are men muscular? Reproductive, hormonal, and ecological hypotheses to explain variation in human male muscularity within populations of Bangladeshi and British men An Evolutionary Medicine and Public Health seminar presented by Kesson Magid (Department of Anthropology, University of Durham) on 7 November 2018 Kesson Magid 31 Jan 2019
7 Creative Commons Squaring the Circle on Brexit - Could the Norway Model work? Squaring the Circle on Brexit - Could the Norway Model work? - at the European Studies Centre on June 1, 2018 John Erik Fossum, Matthew Broad, Hans Petter, Kalypso Nicolaidis 25 Jun 2018
8 Gifts, entitlements, benefits and surplus: interrogating food poverty and food aid in the UK The 2017 Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture was given in Oxford on 24 May by Prof. Pat Caplan of Goldsmiths, London. Pat Caplan 26 Jul 2017
9 Creative Commons Book Launch: The Karen and the Gift of Education Book Launch: The Karen and the Gift of Education, by Pia Jolliffe Pia Jolliffe, Reshmi Banerjee 26 Jun 2017
10 Creative Commons Integration of Brits in Turkey and Turks in Britain Ibrahim Sirkeci explores integration patterns of English-speaking movers in Turkey and those of Turkish-speaking movers in Britain Ibrahim Sirkeci 11 May 2017
11 Creative Commons Imagining a future after schooling Young people navigating uncertainty in contemporary Britain. Graham Butt, Patrick Alexander 31 Jan 2017
12 Brexit and the Role of Parliament Panel discussion looking at Brexit and the role the British Parliament has. Sir Nicholas Stadlen, Lord Falconer, Paul Craig, Martin Howe 27 Jan 2017
13 Constitutionalism without Consensus in Contemporary Turkey Bill Kissane, Associate Professor in Politics, London School of Economics and Political Science, gives a talk for the FLJS seminar series. Bill Kissane 09 Dec 2016
14 European Voices of Dissent and the Constitutional Consequences for the European Union Professor Paul Craig, Professor in English Law, Oxford, gives a talk for the FLJS seminar series. Paul Craig 09 Dec 2016
15 The Constitution in Crisis 2016 Professor Denis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies and Fellow of Wolfson College at the University of Oxford, gives a talk for the FLJS Seminar Series. Denis Galligan 09 Dec 2016
16 Creative Commons Populism and the Constitution: The Case of Britain in the Wake of the EU Referendum Professor Denis Galligan, Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford gives a Research Cluster Seminar to celebrate Wolfson's 50th Anniversary. Denis Galligan 10 Aug 2016
17 FMR 52 General - Psychosocial age assessments in the UK Poor age assessment procedures may have devastating consequences. Debbie Busler 07 Jul 2016
18 Creative Commons Using IDEAL within commissioning in the UK Regulation, Commissioning, HTA and Policy daphne austin 21 Jun 2016
19 Creative Commons FMR 48 - African refugees and the particular role of churches in the UK Many churches have the necessary physical and social assets to assist refugees in the community both individually and by bringing them together. Samuel Bekalo 03 Jun 2015
20 What can the lived experiences of white working class communities tell us about social cohesion? This briefing explores the lived experiences and concerns of segments of the majority population in Higher Blackley, a ward in the north of Manchester. Part of the COMPAS Breakfast Breifing Series. Daniel Silver 21 May 2015
21 Mammon's Kingdom. An Essay on Britain, Now The second in our lecture series for Michaelmas Term 2014, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by Professor David Marquand FBA - former Labour MP and Chief Advisor in the Secretariat General, European Commission; Principal, Mansfield College 1996-2002. David Marquand 03 Feb 2015
22 The Crisis of the Meritocracy: Education and Democracy in Modern Britain Professor Peter Mandler gives the 2014 Emden Lecture at St Edmund Hall. Peter Mandler 10 Dec 2014
23 Creative Commons Culture and motivation: long distance running in Japan and the UK Anthropologist Emma Coleman-Jones and distance runner Mara Yamauchi compare their experiences of running in the UK and Japan Emma Coleman-Jones, Mara Yamauchi 29 Apr 2014
24 Creative Commons Legally Married: Love and Law in the UK and the US - Book Launch Scot Peterson and Iain McLean discuss their new book, which explores the facts and opinions behind the legislating of same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom and the United States Scot Peterson, Iain McLean, Max Goplerud, Richard Johnson 07 Apr 2014
25 Creative Commons FMR 44 Alternatives to detention in the UK: from enforcement to engagement? The UK detains migrants on a large scale, and has had limited success in developing alternatives. The British experience highlights the need for a cultural shift towards engagement with migrants in place of reliance on enforcement. Jerome Phelps 03 Oct 2013
26 Creative Commons FMR 42 Barriers to justice in the UK In recent years, there have been significant legal advances in the treatment of the cases of lesbian and gay asylum seekers in the UK. However, significant barriers still remain. Charlotte Mathysse 10 May 2013
27 Creative Commons FMR 42 Seeking asylum in the UK: lesbian perspectives Many aspects of the UK asylum process can be confusing, disempowering and traumatic for lesbian asylum seekers. Recent research examines the impacts of this process on their experiences, their identity and their well-being. Claire Bennett, Felicity Thomas 10 May 2013
28 Creative Commons FMR 42 LGBT refugee protection in the UK: from discretion to belief? The UK government used to have no specific guidance or training for decision-makers for claims brought on the grounds of sexual orientation. It was only in 2010 that specific policy guidance was speedily issued and significant progress was seen. Amanda Gray, Alexandra McDowall 10 May 2013
29 Creative Commons Eating NatureCulture: material feminism and maternal obesity Megan Warin, University of Adelaide, Australia, gives a talk for the UBVO seminar series. Megan Waren 05 Nov 2012
30 Creative Commons Between strategic nostalgia and banal nomadism: Arab diaspora watching satellite and digital television across Europe Myria Georgiou talks about uses of transnational television among Arab speaking populations in Europe to explore questions around citizenship. Myria Georgiou 06 Aug 2012
31 Creative Commons The politics of migration in the UK: Catering to a public of (at least) two minds Scott Blinder discusses the portrayal of the British public's opinion on migration, and the reality behind it. Part of the Public Opinion, Media and the Politics of Migration(COMPAS Seminar Series Hilary 2011) series. Scott Blinder 06 Aug 2012
32 Creative Commons Mandelson: Is the European Project Over? Peter Mandelson's lecture on Britain and the survival of the European project. Peter Mandelson 24 May 2012
33 Creative Commons Transport Is Social Policy: Focus on higher education in the UK context Dr Susan Kenyon delivers a seminar as part of the 'Socio-spatial inequalities, transport and mobilities' seminar series held in the Transport Studies Unit during Hilary Term 2012. Susan Kenyon 11 Apr 2012
34 Political Oxford Why does Oxford produce so many politicians? How have the University's alumni shaped the political landscape? And how has this impacted on perceptions of the University, both in the UK and overseas? David Butler, Tim Boswell, Richard Jarman 30 Sep 2011
35 Creative Commons Fiscal Policy, Fairness between Generations and National Saving Dr Martin Weale, of the Bank of England Monetary Policy, gives a talk for the Oxford Martin School 2011 Hilary Term Seminar Series; Intergenerational Justice: What do we owe future generations? Martin Weale 24 Aug 2011
36 Creative Commons Reporting Northern Ireland. OxPeace 2011 John Seaton, Professor of Media Hstory, University of Westminster, gives the second talk in session 1 of the 2011 OxPeace Day Conference; Media in Conflict and Peacebuilding on 7th May 2011. John Seaton 17 May 2011
37 'Link' and 'Place': A New Approach to UK Street Planning and Design Prof. Peter Jones (Centre for Transport Studies, UCL) talks on ''Link' and 'Place': A New Approach to UK Street Planning and Design' as part of the OxTran Seminar Series at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford in 2009. Peter Jones 26 Feb 2009