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Episode 7: Everywhere

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Duration: 0:23:11 | Added: 18 Feb 2022
In this final episode, Katrina talks to Leo, Alice and Aimee about how Oxford has nurtured their passion for the ancient world, what connects Lizzo to Classics, and how understanding the past can be a force for good.

When making Regional Classics, the diversity of stories and voices we heard was simply too great to fit into a limited number of regional boxes. So, in this final episode we offer you a sample of perspectives from beyond the geographical areas covered so far, to show that no matter where you come from, no matter what your educational background, Classics is a subject that offers a uniquely stimulating set of opportunities and challenges, and that Oxford provides a uniquely stimulating environment in which to make the most of these fantastic opportunities. Katrina talks to three students from different parts of the British Isles about how they fell in love with the ancient world, how Oxford has nurtured this passion and how Classics can be a force for good. Leo chats about home-education, Lizzo, and Kae Tempest; Alice shares her story growing up on the Isle of Man; and Aimee gives us her perspective on Classics and its enduring relevance for us all.


Aimee Cousins (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aimee-leigh-cousins-2250ab1b5/)
Aimee Cousins is a second year undergraduate studying Classics (Course IIB) at Magdalen College. She was previously educated at a state comprehensive school in Kings Lynn in West Norfolk. When she isn’t pouring over one of Euripides’ tragedies she’s bound to be in one of Oxford’s many coffee shops enjoying a good gossip with her friends. Having come from a disadvantaged background herself, she hopes to encourage students with similar experiences to apply to Oxford and to help make it a more inclusive and diverse place to study and live.

Leo Kershaw (https://www.oocdtp.ac.uk/people/leo-kershaw)
Leo Kershaw is a DPhil student reading for a PhD in Classical Languages and Literature at Balliol College. He previously completed a BA in Classics (Course IIB) at Lady Margaret Hall (2016-2020) and an MSt in Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature at Balliol College (2020-2021). Prior to university, he was home educated in Hertfordshire up to IGCSE before attending a state sixth form, Woodhouse College, in North London. His research focuses on decolonial approaches to non-canonical receptions of Greek Tragedy, especially Euripides’ Medea as performed in South Africa since 1800.

Alice Main (https://lincoln.ox.ac.uk/people/alice-main)
Alice Main studies Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (CAAH) at Lincoln College. She lives on the Isle of Man and was educated at a state comprehensive school. When not studying she enjoys trips to the Ashmolean, walking and spending time with friends.

Katrina Kelly (https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrina-kelly-3925a216b/)
Katrina Kelly, the host of this podcast, studied Classics (Course IA) at Magdalen College from 2015-19 after being home-educated in Lytham St Annes on the Lancashire coast. Now a researcher at the Faculty, she hopes to help make Oxford Classics an ever more accessible, inclusive and exciting place to study and work. Katrina is also the Education Co-ordinator and Branches Officer for the Classical Association.

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