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Alexander Moore

Alexander Moore (https://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/people/undefined-2) is currently a DPhil Ancient History student at Lady Margaret Hall. Originating from Burton-on-Trent in the Midlands, he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool and Masters at the University of Birmingham before starting his DPhil at Oxford in 2020. His research focuses on the reported political, social, and military influence of Julius Caesar's veterans during the various and successive civil conflicts of the Late Roman Republic. He is eager to encourage anyone to engage with, and benefit from, the study of the ancient world.

Series featuring Alexander Moore

  • Regional Classics
# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Episode 4: Midlands In this episode, we talk about coming to Classics without any ancient languages; Bertie’s first love and how Classics took her into the world of Facebook… Alexander Moore, Eleanor Newman, Roberta Thomson, Katrina Kelly 06 Oct 2021