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Dr Nicole Robb

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Duration: 0:44:09 | Added: 02 Nov 2022
Georgina Ferry interviews Nicole Robb, Visiting Lecturer, Department of Physics, 10 March 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:00:47) NR's early interest in viruses, study of Biology at Imperial College, DPhil at the William Dunn School of Pathology working with Professor Ervin Fodor; (00:02:00) Postdoctoral position in Biophysics; (00:03:55) study of proteins, including structure, single molecule techniques; (00:06:42) use of single molecule techniques for the study of influenza virus proteins; (00:09:35) independent funding and setting up of own lab group; (00:10:40) fluorescent labelling and microscopy; (00:12:19) modern molecular techniques, including PCR and lateral flow testing for diagnostics; (00:13:54) visualisation of viruses; (00:16:37) screen for seasonal flu strains and use of artificial intelligence; (00:20:02) NR's first memory of COVID-19 and potential for research work; (00:23:34) collaboration with researchers at the John Radcliffe research laboratory, including Professor Derrick Crook; (00:24:27) cross-collaboration between Warwick and Oxford; (00:25:00) publication of research; (00:25:24) spin-out company (OxDX) and the goal of the technology; (00:26:51) working with live virus; (00:32:11) challenges and differences in commercial working, hurdles including funding; (00:34:21) ongoing development of research and AI-powered rapid diagnostic technology; (00:35:20) impact on work during lockdown, including collaboration and interdisciplinary work; (00:38:25) impact on teaching during lockdown; (00:39:05) NR's personal response to the threat of COVID-19, concerns relating to visiting family members; (00:40:33) improved well-being as a result of research and purpose derived from this work, intensive working hours; (00:42:00) questions raised from this research and future interests.

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