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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 From grassroots to platforms. The reconfiguration of alternative food provisioning in an online world Dr Francesca Forno, Associate professor at the University of Trento discusses how new, grassroots food movements are using online platforms and how their online platforms are being appropriated by bigger businesses. Francesca Forno 15 Dec 2023
2 Creative Commons Joining the Revolution Lyndon Johnson, the modern presidency and the Civil Rights Movement. Sidney M Milkis 07 Mar 2017
3 'David Miller’s Political Philosophy' Panel 4 This panel includes two talks: 'Miller on Human Rights' and 'The Right to Drive People Away.' This conference was held to honour David Miller's contribution to political philosophy. Christopher Heath Wellman, Jeremy Waldron, Alice Baderin 14 Oct 2015
4 Creative Commons Gait or Cognition: The Chicken or Egg Story Movement and exercise and it's relation to thinking and cognition. Helen Dawes 21 May 2015
5 Creative Commons Choreographing lived experience: the stories that dancing bodies tell This Anthropology seminar looks at the role of dance and movement of the body as a theme in itself; using dance to understand embodied experience. 21 February 2014 Rosie Kay, Karin Eli 02 Oct 2014
6 Dance Circles An interdisciplinary discussion of Dr Hélène Neveu Kringelbach's book. Helene Neveu Kringlebach 09 Apr 2014
7 Interview with Hélène Neveu Kringelbach The author discusses her recent book on dance in urban Senegal. Helene Neveu Kringlebach 09 Apr 2014