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Lincoln College

# Episode Title Description People Date
1 (E10/10) The Missing Bean Sitting outside, just to the right of the entrance, facing Lincoln College. Torø Graven 28 Mar 2023
2 Creative Commons Lincoln Leads in Law 2018 What are the limits of the law? Barbara Havelkova, Shabana Mahmood, Lukas Wagner, Paul Stephens 09 Apr 2019
3 Creative Commons Lincoln Leads in Material Culture Material Culture: The Power of the Image? Joshua Thomas, Robert Kerr, Sarah Bochicchio, Emily Glassford 02 Apr 2019
4 Lincoln Leads in Economics 2018 Economics: Should money make the world go round? Ian Crawford, Jessica Milligan 02 Apr 2019
5 Lincoln Leads in Engineering 2018 The Lincoln Leads engineering panel discuss 'how is technology shaping the future?' Paul Stavrinou, Nicola Shaw, Holly Hathrell, Xanita Saayman 27 Mar 2019
6 Lincoln Leads in History 2018 Lincoln Leads seminar in History. Lucy Wooding, Lynn Shepherd, Heather Mann, Emily Glassford 15 Jan 2019
7 Lincoln Leads in Philosophy 2018 Philosophy: 'Should there be limits on free speech?' Alexander Prescott-Couch, Ian Brownhill, Benjamin Musachio, Lauren Malm 05 Nov 2018
8 Lincoln Leads in Medicine Lincoln's medical breakthroughs: The past, present and future. Eric Sidebottom, David Vaux, Mustafa Aydogan, Francesca Donnellan 22 Jan 2018
9 Lincoln Leads in Law This week, our 'Lincoln Leads' panellists discuss whether or not misogyny should be crime. Barbara Havelkova, Zoe Williams, Patricia Jimenez Kwast, Heather Mann 09 Jan 2018
10 Lincoln Leads in Science This Lincoln Leads instalment asks the question: 'For the sake of knowledge: Why do scientific research?' Cigdem Issever, Peter Atkins, Max Jamilly, Prateek Katti 19 Dec 2017
11 Lincoln Leads in History This Lincoln Leads instalment debates a long standing historical inquiry: 'Is revolution always about religion?' Samuel Brewitt-Taylor, George Artley, Richard Spencer, Sarah Bochicchio 22 Sep 2017
12 Lincoln Leads in Politics Coinciding the parliamentary vote in the House of Commons, this ‘Lincoln Leads’ discussion considers the future of Britain post-Brexit. Robert Lisvane, Graham Child, Daniel Kozelko, Lloyd Pinnell 22 Sep 2017
13 Lincoln Leads in Economics The first instalment of our 'Lincoln Leads' series asks the question ‘Are we taught to become ‘economically viable products’?’ Margaret Stevens, Garima Jaju, David Weston, Sudheesh Ramapurath Chemmencheri 22 Sep 2017
14 Creative Commons Director and CEO of the Oxford Playhouse, Louise Chantal (Lincoln, 1987) Louise Chantal shares her love of the theatre and describes her involvement in Oxford’s cultural scene during her student days and running Oxford's famous Playhouse today. Louise Chantal 04 Dec 2015