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Lincoln Leads in Philosophy 2018

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Duration: 0:53:04 | Added: 05 Nov 2018
Philosophy: 'Should there be limits on free speech?'

For the first time since its inception, 'Lincoln Leads' explores Philosophy. Our panellists, Dr Alexander Prescott-Couch (Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy), Ian Brownhill (2003, Barrister at No 5 Chambers), and Benjamin Musachio (2017, MPhil in International Development) tackle the question of whether there should be limits on free speech. In this lecture, we learn about the conceptual significance of free speech in the canon of western philosophy, the policing of speech by the State and the Self, and the debates surrounding no-platforming on campus.

'Lincoln Leads' is a seminar series designed to foster conversation between Lincoln's common rooms and alumni, as well as to showcase the exceptional research taking place in the College.

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