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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Manipulation and Independence in Humanitarian Action: Ethical Challenges in Recent Crises (partial recording) Professor Antonio Donini (Tufts University) gives a talk on 7th November 2012. This is a Oxford Humanitarian Group Event. Antonio Donini 12 Aug 2013
2 Negotiating Space: Redefining Civilian-Military Roles During Complex Crises (partial recording) Dr Marcia Byrom Hartwell (Visiting Scholar, United States Institute of Peace, (USIP) Washington DC) gives a talk for the Oxford Humanitarian Group seminar series. Marcia Byrom Hartwell 12 Aug 2013
3 The End of the Anglo-Saxon Era: Australia's Defence in the Asian Century Professor Hugh White (Professor of Strategic Studies, Australian National University) on 30 Oct 2012, this talk is for the ELAC/CCW Seminar Series. Hugh White 11 Mar 2013
4 International Order and Violent Extremism: Lessons from Sri Lanka Professor Sir Adam Roberts (President, British Academy and Emeritus Professor of International Relations, Oxford) gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW Seminar Series on 23 Oct 2012. Sir Adam Roberts 11 Mar 2013
5 The ICC at 10 ELAC Panel Discussion with Professor Jennifer Welsh, Dr David Rodin, Janina Dill and Dapo Akande (ELAC)on 20th May 2012. Jennifer Welsh, David Rodin, Dapo Akande, Janina Dill 23 May 2012
6 Creative Commons Living With the Enemy: The Ethics of Belligerent Military Occupation Professor Cecile Fabre (Fellow in Philosophy, Lincoln College Oxford) gives a talk for the ELAC seminar series on 14th February 2012. Cecile Fabre 21 Feb 2012
7 Creative Commons Targeted Killing: Exploring its Legality, Morality and Effectiveness Professor Amos N. Guiora (University of Utah) with respondent Professor Jeremy Waldron (New York University School of Law and Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory, Oxford) give a talk for the ELAC seminar series on 6 Feb 2012. Amos Guiora, Jeremy Waldon 21 Feb 2012
8 Creative Commons Permissible Preventive Cyberwar Professor George Lucas (United States Naval Academy), gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW Seminar Series on 22 Nov 2011. George Lucas 23 Nov 2011
9 Targeted Killings: A Modern Strategy of the State (partial) Please note this is only a partial recording, we apologise for the inconvenience. William F. Owen (Cranfield Defence and Security, UK Defence Academy) gives a talk for the ELAC/CCW seminar series on. William F Owen 13 Jun 2011
10 Creative Commons Special Responsibilities in World Politics Professor Ian Clark and Professor Christian Reus-Smit give a talk for the Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict 2011 Hilary Term seminar series. Ian Clark, Christian Reus-Smit 11 Feb 2011