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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 What can the lived experiences of white working class communities tell us about social cohesion? This briefing explores the lived experiences and concerns of segments of the majority population in Higher Blackley, a ward in the north of Manchester. Part of the COMPAS Breakfast Breifing Series. Daniel Silver 21 May 2015
2 Decade of Migration, Session 4: How are changing patterns of globalisation manifested in shifts in global wealth and power? In the fourth panel of the Decade of Migration conference Nicholas Van Hear, Robin Cohen and John Burry look at geopolitical influences and global shifts in power and how it affects migrants. Nicholas Van Hear, Robin Cohen, John Burry 24 Sep 2014
3 Decade of Migration, Session 3: Mobility and the global labour market: What can the past tell us about the future? In the third panel of the Decade of Migration conference Martin Ruhs, Monique Kremer, and Roger Waldinger gave different insights into mobility and the global labour market. Martin Ruhs, Monique Kremer, Roger Waldinger 24 Sep 2014
4 Decade of Migration, Session 1: How does the growth of the world’s cities reframe our understanding of the social, the economic and the political? In the first panel of the Decade of Migration conference Ash Amin and Vicki Bell focus on cities. Ash Amin, Vicki Bell 24 Sep 2014
5 Decade of Migration, Introduction Michael Keith, Paul Boyle, and Andrew Hamilton introduce the conference "Decade of Migration" and discuss the challenges and hopes for the topics and discussions. Michael Keith, Paul Boyle, Andrew Hamilton 24 Sep 2014
6 Feeding a xenosceptic culture: legal and administrative penalties for being European Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series Trinity 2014- Borders of the welfare state: Exploring the tensions between migration enforcement and welfare state entitlements Charlotte O'Brien 29 Jul 2014
7 What shapes migrant destitution and what can be done about it? Sue Lukes former member of the Housing and Migration Network and John Perry former member of the Housing and Migration Network and Policy Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Housing and manager of housing rights give a talk for the COMPAS Series Sue Lukes, John Perry 14 Jul 2014
8 Creative Commons Conceptualizing and Measuring Immigration Policies: The Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) Index This seminar discusses the Immigration Policies in Comparison (IMPIC) Index. This project builds a dataset on immigration policies in all OECD countries for the period 1980-2010. Marc Helbling 14 Apr 2014
9 Precarious outcomes to the Pursuit of Happiness: Lifestyle migration and liminality Karen O'Reilly, University of Loughborough, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series Karen O'Reilly 03 Mar 2014
10 Creative Commons What are the social and public service impacts of international migration at the local level? Jon Simmons, Home Office Migration and Border Analysis, gives a talk for the COMPAS Breaskfast Breifing series Jon Simmons 27 Jan 2014
11 Creative Commons What are the consequences of changing policies for family migrants in the UK? Caroline Oliver and Juan Camilo give a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Caroline Oliver, Juan Camilo 02 Sep 2013
12 Creative Commons Building Regionality into Immigration Policy: Does it Work? Evidence from Canada Professor Robert E Wright gives a talk for the Centre for Migration, Policy and Society. Robert E Wright 02 Sep 2013
13 Creative Commons What does the 2011 census tell us about ethnic diversity and integration in England and Wales? Ludi Simpson and Stephen Jivraj give a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Ludi Simpson, Stephen Jivraj 02 Sep 2013
14 Creative Commons Rethinking Migration: Joining the dots between migration, trade theory and business strategy Diane Coyle discusses labour migration movements across borders through firm's decision problems and strategic thinking. Diane Coyle 02 Sep 2013
15 Creative Commons Feeling like a citizen, living as a denizen: deportees' sense of belonging In the United States, the right to territorial belonging is the only inalienable right U.S. citizens have, and this right is exclusive to U.S. citizens. Tanya Golash Boza 29 May 2013
16 Creative Commons Lives in Limbo; Immigration, Schooling, and the and the Transition to Illegality The recent political debates in the United States have raised awareness of the untenable situation facing more than 2.1 million undocumented immigrant children and young adults who have lived in the U.S. since childhood. Roberto G Gonzales 29 May 2013
17 Creative Commons Campzenship: rethinking the camp as a political space Nando Sigona, University of Birmingham, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series. Nando Sigona 29 May 2013
18 Creative Commons Citizenship Shadow; Obscene Inclusion, Abject Belonging, or, the Regularities of Migrant Irregularity This talk introduces the proposition that citizenship and alienage (or migrant status) may be best understood as two key figures of a spectrum of bordered identities. Nicholas de Genova 29 May 2013
19 Creative Commons Care, Markets and Migration in European Welfare States: Why the study of migration is important to social policy and vice versa Fiona Williams looks at different approaches taken by social policy to race, ethnicity, and migration, and proposes implications for social justice that emerge. Fiona Williams 29 May 2013
20 Creative Commons Decades of Migration and 'Europe' in Question Nicholas de Genova examines what Europe is and means through the existence of migrants. Nicholas de Genova 29 May 2013
21 Creative Commons Migration and inter-generational replacement in Britain and Europe Chris Wilson discusses replacement migration in Britain and Europe, from a demography perspective, explaining a newly developed system for looking replacement ratios. Chris Wilson 29 May 2013
22 Creative Commons The Price of Rights. Labour immigration policy and the rights of migrant workers Martin Ruhs outlines the findings of his new book 'The Price of Rights', discussing the trade off between openness to migrants and access to rights. Martin Ruhs 28 May 2013
23 Creative Commons Border Regimes and Human Rights David Miller examines the effects and results of border regimes on human rights, from a political philosophy perspective. He states that border regimes are damaging in terms of human rights. David Miller 28 May 2013
24 Creative Commons Do Human Rights Treaties Help or Hurt Asylum-Seekers?: The U.K. Case Stephen Meili looks at how human rights treaties are applied in the UK court systems to applications by asylum seekers. Stephen Meili 28 May 2013
25 Creative Commons Integrating the human rights of migrants into the global governance of migration: the 2013 High-Level Dialogue and beyond Oberoi discusses the process of migration being governed with a focus on human rights. Pia Oberoi 28 May 2013
26 Creative Commons In Defense of the Migrant Workers Convention: Standard Setting for Contemporary Migration Bernard Ryan discusses the possibilities of the Migrant Workers Convention, the relevant committee and its work. Bernard Ryan 28 May 2013
27 Creative Commons What is the evidence about migrant living conditions in the private rented sector and how could they be improved? Outlining a new report for the Housing and Migration Network UK, 'Migrants and the Private Rented Sector', published in February is the first national report to explore the needs and experience of new migrants who live in the private rented sector. Gill Green, Neil Coles 27 Nov 2012
28 Creative Commons New Geographies of Migration and Multiculture: Degrees of Intimacy between English Villagers and Eastern European Migrants in Rural Worcestershire Analysing the relationship between whiteness and Englishness, looking at processes of social inclusion and exclusion in the countryside, the migration of Eastern European workers to the countryside and rural discourses of community and multi-culture. Helen Moore 06 Aug 2012
29 Experiences at the sharp end: Practitioners' perspectives on inclusion and exclusion (Panel Discussion) Four experts discuss their practical experiences of migrants' access to services and exclusion from services. Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series: Migrants and welfare states: inclusion or exclusion? Fizza Qureshi, Ruthanna Barnett, Bill Bolloten, Nick Clark 06 Aug 2012
30 Creative Commons The national integration paradigm: where are we now? Adrian Favell discusses his book 'Philosophies of Integration', taking a theoretical and philosophical approach to integration. Adrian Favell 06 Aug 2012
31 Creative Commons When is an asylum seeker not an asylum seeker? The representation of immigration in the UK press 1996-2005 Paul Baker talks about how asylums seekers and refugees were presented in the national press and the variations in discourses over time and across types of press. Paul Baker 06 Aug 2012
32 Creative Commons UK Immigration Policy and the Political Functions of Research Talk looking at the ways in which public administration and policy makers make use of academic research immigration policy making, looking at the British Home Office, the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the European Commission. Christina Boswell 06 Aug 2012
33 Creative Commons Migration policy and skills policy: substitutes or complements? There is a very significant tension at the heart of UK immigration policy. Basic economic intuition, as well as considerable empirical evidence, suggests that skilled immigrants will benefit the economy. Jonathan Portes 09 Jul 2012
34 Creative Commons What is the impact of new migration on cohesion and integration? The government and the media regularly make the case that migration must be restricted in order to ensure community cohesion and encourage integration. Robert Ford, Will Somerville, Shamit Saggar 16 Apr 2012
35 Creative Commons Civic Stratification and Migrants Rights Lydia Morris discusses the stratification of rights as a way to explain rights given or constrained by the state, in the migration context. Lydia Morris 05 Mar 2012
36 Creative Commons Between welfare states and markets: the migrant-policy nexus in comparative perspective and reflections on social rights and antidiscrimination law Virginie Guiraudon takes an interdisciplinary look at social and human rights and anti-discrimination laws, giving a historical, legal and sociological perspective, as well as considering the European situation. Virginie Guiraudon 05 Mar 2012
37 Creative Commons Immigration and welfare chauvinism: Britain since 1800 Professor David Feldman, historian, describes the "welfare chauvinism" existing in Britain since the 18th century. David Feldman 01 Dec 2011
38 Creative Commons Identification and mobility Control: Police sciences, technology, and international cooperation in West Europe, 1900-1930 Dr. Ilsen About takes us through the fascinating development of technology used by police in the early 1900's to allow for the identification of criminals internationally, known as 'distant identification'. Ilsen About 01 Dec 2011
39 Creative Commons What are the impacts of restrictions on participation in the labour market and civic life on young migrants? COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Part of the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Les Back 01 Dec 2011
40 Creative Commons Where's your bloody pigtail?: Liberalism, Empire and the Chinese Labour Question David Glover, University of Southampton, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series on 10th November 2011. David Glover 18 Nov 2011
41 Creative Commons No rights for the wicked; human rights and foreign national prisoners Retired immigration lawyer Fran Webber goes through case law pre and post the entry into force of the Human Rights Act. Frances Webber 02 Nov 2011
42 Punishment and Migration between Europe and the United States: A Gllobalized 'Less Eligibility'? Dario Melossi, University of Bologna, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series. Dario Melossi 26 Oct 2011
43 Creative Commons Introduction to the Seminar Series 'A Chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, Crime and Citizenship' Bridget Anderson, COMPAS, Oxford University, gives a talk for the COMPAS seminar series entitled' 'A Chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, Crime and Citizenship'. Bridget Anderson 26 Oct 2011
44 Creative Commons Who are the UK's new citizens? This briefing presents a profile of Britain's new citizens, and what we can learn from them about the relationship between settlement, citizenship and integration. Ben Gidley 16 Aug 2011
45 Creative Commons Where is the UK going on migrant integration policy? A comparison to Europe and North America - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Exactly how does the UKís policy framework measure up to other countries in Europe and North America? What has changed? Thomas Huddleston 16 Aug 2011
46 Creative Commons What are the key evidence gaps in Britain's migration debate, and what are the implications for policy? COMPAS Breakfast Briefing Informed public debate and evidence-based policy-making on immigration requires clarity and transparency about what we know and don't know about migration and its impacts. Martin Ruhs, Scott Blinder 16 Aug 2011
47 Creative Commons What does the "Big Society" mean for migrant communities? - COMPAS Breakfast Briefing The Coalition government's policy agenda on 'the Big Society' marks a major shift in the landscape. It has been described as radically passing power from the state to citizens and civil society. Vaughan Jones 16 Aug 2011