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Decade of Migration, Session 4: How are changing patterns of globalisation manifested in shifts in global wealth and power?

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Duration: 0:45:12 | Added: 24 Sep 2014
In the fourth panel of the Decade of Migration conference Nicholas Van Hear, Robin Cohen and John Burry look at geopolitical influences and global shifts in power and how it affects migrants.

Nick Van Hear highlights milestones in geo-politics that show how changes in global political economy have shaped migration and mobility. Robin Cohen's talk is "From new helots to the precariat: back to the future". Jon Urry completes the panel by looking at new mobilities paradigms and offshore worlds. Part of the Decade of Migration Conference. This international conference marked the 10 year anniversary of COMPAS and looked to future research agendas. Bringing together leading academics and senior practitioners from across the world, this event discussed how migration research has re-configured the social sciences over the past 10 years and in turn how changes in the social sciences have influenced the study of mobility and migration, their patterns, consequences and policies.

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