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# Episode Title Description People Date
101 Creative Commons American-Sino Relations: Cooperation First part of the three part series on US - China relations, Rosemary Foot talks about the need for cooperation, especially within the current financial recession, global warming and nuclear non-proliferation. Rosemary Foot 07 Jan 2010
102 Creative Commons American-Sino Relations: Competition Second part of the three part series. This episode looks at four areas where the two most powerful nations can be in competition or in conflict; exceptionalism, contrasting political systems,power perceptions and shifts in the power relationships. Rosemary Foot 07 Jan 2010
103 Creative Commons American-Sino Relations: Review In the third and final part of this series, Rosemary Foot reviews and critiques the four factors outlined in the previous episode which could hinder good relations between the two nations. Rosemary Foot 07 Jan 2010
104 Emerging Markets in a Nutshell Three leading academics discuss emerging markets and explore both the issues faced by the economies in China and Latin America and the challenges faced by companies looking to invest in or do business with them. Dana Brown, Eric Thun, Laurence Whitehead 07 Dec 2009
105 Creative Commons China, US, global imbalances and the 2008 financial crisis Dr Yueh presents on China's position in the global economy, the indirect role played by China in the global financial crisis, and the implications of the crisis going forward. Linda Yueh 30 Nov 2009
106 Creative Commons HIV: Will there ever be a vaccine? This talk looks at the University's work in China and Africa and its attempts to identify the key determinants of protective immunology against HIV infection that should guide future vaccine design. Sarah Rowland-Jones 28 Oct 2009
107 Introduction to Studying the History and Politics of China Dr Rana Mitter talks about his cutting edge research in China and gives an introduction to studying the history and politics of China, a new and exciting field of research within the Humanities division. Rana Mitter 29 Apr 2009
108 Studying Buddhism Richard Gombrich, first academic director for the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies (OCBS), gives a talk on Buddhism, from its Indian Origins, its history and its influence on Eastern culture. He also talks about the history of the OCBS. Richard Gombrich 29 Apr 2009
109 The Kadoorie Study in China Zhengming Chen, Professor of Epidemiology, gives a talk on the Kadoorie Biobank study, a joint Chinese and British study looking at the lifestyles of 500,000 people and presents some of the findings that can be used to influence public health policy. Zhengming Chen 29 Apr 2009
110 Escaping North Korea This podcast was recorded at a talk and book signing by the author Mike Kim which was on Tuesday 10th March 2009 at St Antony's College, University of Oxford. Mike Kim 27 Mar 2009
111 Putting China in its Place in the History of Art The inaugural lecture by Professor Craig Clunas. Craig Clunas 02 Dec 2008
112 New economic powers: China Introduction to the BRICs and China's political economy - lecture given by Dr Yueh. Linda Yueh 09 Sep 2008
113 Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture 2008 The Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture was on Wednesday 21st May 2008 at Somerville College, University of Oxford. Professor James C. Scott, Sterling Professor of Political Science, Yale University gave the lecture on the subject of Zomia, Southeast Asia. Roger Zetter, James C. Scott 27 May 2008