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Roger Zetter

Series featuring Roger Zetter

  • Refugee Studies Centre
  • Preventing displacement (Forced Migration Review 41)
  • Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS)
  • Crisis (Forced Migration Review 45)
  • The Syria crisis (Forced Migration Review 47)
  • Dayton +20 (Forced Migration Review 50)
  • The technology issue (Forced Migration Review 38)
  • Economies: rights and access to work (Forced Migration Review 58)
# Episode Title Description People Date
15 FMR 58 - Refugees’ right to work and access to labour markets: constraints, challenges and ways forward Host countries need to assess the potential for opening their labour markets to refugees, and enhancing access to decent work. Roger Zetter, Heloise Ruaudel 10 Jul 2018
14 FMR 50 General - A fragmented landscape of protection Changing concepts of protection and a growing diversity in the practice of protection and in the range of humanitarian and other actors doing protection work have led to a fragmentation of effective protection for forced migrants. Roger Zetter 01 Sep 2015
13 An afternoon on Syrian displacement, and protection in Europe (Part 1) This event marked the launch of the RSC Policy Briefing 'Protection in Europe for refugees from Syria' and Forced Migration Review issue 47 on 'The Syria crisis, displacement and protection' Dawn Chatty, Maurice Herson, Roger Zetter 08 Dec 2014
12 Creative Commons Sans Papiers: The Social and Economic Lives of Young Undocumented Migrants Seminar given on 19 November 2014 by Dr Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham) and Professor Roger Zetter (Refugee Studies Centre), part of the RSC Michaelmas term 2014 Public Seminar Series. Nando Sigona, Roger Zetter 08 Dec 2014
11 Creative Commons FMR 47 Development and protection challenges of the Syrian refugee crisisf The Syria Regional Response Plan 6 (RRP6) 2014 provides an increased focus on early recovery, social cohesion interventions and a transition from assistance to development-led interventions, alongside the continuing large-scale humanitarian assistance. Roger Zetter, Heloise Ruaudel 02 Dec 2014
10 Creative Commons FMR 45 Environmental stress, displacement and the challenge of rights protection Examination of migration histories and current politics in Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Ghana sheds light on how rights are articulated for groups and individuals displaced in a context of environmental stress and climate change. Roger Zetter, James Morrissey 07 Apr 2014
9 Creative Commons FMR 41 Are refugees an economic burden or benefit? Governments emphasise the negative impacts and costs but these, although undeniable and well documented, are only part of the picture. Roger Zetter 08 May 2013
8 Creative Commons FMR 38 A new strategy for meeting humanitarian challenges in urban areas Experience indicates that significant challenges remain across key humanitarian operational approaches relating to the needs of growing numbers of IDPs and refugees who migrate to cities. Roger Zetter, George Deikun 08 May 2013
7 Creative Commons Researching migrant journeys: conceptual and methodological challenges Roger Zetter thinks about the nature and challenges of researching migrant (specifically refugee) journeys. Roger Zetter 18 Feb 2013
6 Creative Commons Editing the IFRCs World Disasters Report 2012 Special seminar by Professor Roger Zetter (Refugee Studies Centre) recorded on 30 October 2012 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Roger Zetter 05 Nov 2012
5 Creative Commons Unlocking Protracted Displacement of Refugees and IDPs: Welcome and Introduction Unlocking Protracted Displacement of Refugees and IDPs: Somali and Iraqi displacements and policy responses. A workshop co-hosted by Refugee Studies Centre and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at UNHCR London office on 6 March 2012. Roland Schilling, Heloise Ruaudel, Roger Zetter 16 Apr 2012
4 Creative Commons RSC Public Seminars 2012: Environmental Displacement: and the Challenge of Rights Protection RSC Public Seminar series of Hilary Term 2012. Roger Zetter 24 Feb 2012
3 Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture 2008 The Annual Elizabeth Colson Lecture was on Wednesday 21st May 2008 at Somerville College, University of Oxford. Professor James C. Scott, Sterling Professor of Political Science, Yale University gave the lecture on the subject of Zomia, Southeast Asia. Roger Zetter, James C. Scott 27 May 2008
2 Human Displacement and Climate Change in International Law The first of The Hague Debates entitled "When home gets too hot: Human Displacement and Climate Change in International Law." The debate features Professor Roger Zetter, Director of the Refugee Studies Centre. Yvo de Boer, Etienne Piguet, M.J. Mace, Roger Zetter 23 May 2008
1 Interview with Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond Professor Roger Zetter, Director of the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford interviews Dr Barbara Harrell-Bond, the founder and former Director of the Centre. Roger Zetter, Barbara Harrell-Bond 08 Aug 2007