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Craig Clunas

Series featuring Craig Clunas

  • History of Art: Undergraduate Course Lectures
  • History of Art: Special Lectures and Research Seminars
  • Humanitas - Visiting Professorships at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
  • Thinking with Things: The Oxford Collection
  • History of Art Radio Hour
# Episode Title Description People Date
6 History of Art Radio Hour with Craig Clunas Craig Clunas (Oxford History of Art), gives a talk 13th October 2021. Craig Clunas, Geoff Batchen 01 Nov 2021
5 Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus by Édouard Manet Are Eastern Art and Western Art basically the same, and what is painting for? On Édouard Manet, Cézanne and their similarity to Chinese paintings. With Professor Craig Clunas Art History, University of Oxford. Craig Clunas 23 Jan 2017
4 The Past and its Publics Simon Schama, Craig Clunas and Margaret MacMillan tackle the thorny question of how the past should interact with the public, or publics, who consume it. Simon Schama, Margaret MacMillan, Craig Clunas 20 May 2016
3 Creative Commons Core Course: Art and Art History: Painting in China This lecture forms part of series entitled Introduction to the History of Art, a core course taught to the first year undergraduate History of Art students. Craig Clunas 06 May 2014
2 Core Course: Painting as visual and material culture in Ming China This lecture is one of a series of eight relating to an optional third year undergraduate course, 'Painting and Culture in Ming China' which can be taken by History of Art and History students. Craig Clunas 11 Mar 2011
1 Putting China in its Place in the History of Art The inaugural lecture by Professor Craig Clunas. Craig Clunas 02 Dec 2008