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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Nation-Building in the Borderlands of a Borderland: A Cartographical Examination of the Russia-Ukraine War Dr Marnie Howlett presents an engaging and thought-provoking look at the cartographical causes and consequences of the war. She looks at Ukraine's position between East and West and the implications of its long history of shifting borders with Russia. Marnie Howlett 24 May 2022
2 English folk tunes, borders, nationalism and race Dr Alice Little speaks with folk musicians and researchers Cohen Braithwaite- Kilcoyne, Nicola Beazley, Stewart Hardy, Tom Kitching, and Marie Bashiru about the borders of English folk music - regionally, racially, and conceptually. Alice Little, Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne, Nicola Beazley, Stewart Hardy 10 May 2021
3 Lande: The Calais 'Jungle' and Beyond Book at Lunchtime seminar held on 16th October 2019. Dan Hicks, Sarah Mallet, Wes Williams, Leonie Ansems de Vries 06 Oct 2019
4 Creative Commons The Political Economy of the Indo-Myanmar Frontier: Exploring Historical Links and Current Challenges in Mizo-Chin Relations Dr Reshmi Banerjee speaks at the South Asia seminar. Reshmi Banerjee 24 Mar 2016
5 Migration through marriage: Analysing struggles around mobility and its control in the European border regime An ethnographic border regime analysis showing that the governing of migration remains an attempt to control rather than effecting a total control of movement, and that marriage becomes an important strategy for migrants' mobility Miriam Gutekunst 09 Feb 2016
6 Creative Commons The Aftermath of World War II and the New Political Geography of Europe Modern European History Professor Paul Betts reflects on the legacy of World War II and its relevance to conflicts and crises today. Paul Betts, Félix Krawatzek 25 Oct 2015
7 Creative Commons Migration, Protection and Reception: The 'crisis' in the Mediterranean How Europe's external border controls that limit and monitor the entry of non-Europeans relates to the reception of migrants in the European Union Brad Blitz, Othon Anastasakis 25 Oct 2015
8 Creative Commons FMR 45 The rise of trapped populations As border security increases and borders become less permeable, cross-border migration is becoming increasingly difficult, selective and dangerous. April T Humble 07 Apr 2014
9 Creative Commons FMR 45 Humanitarian border management Humanitarian border management is one of the tools that can supplement the humanitarian response for migrants caught in a crisis situation. Maximilian Pottler 07 Apr 2014
10 Borders: A view from ‘nowhere’ Rimple Metha (Jadavpur University, India) Rimple Metha 31 Mar 2014
11 Creative Commons Everyday practices at the Russia - China - Mongolia border Part of the COMPAS Seminar Series Michaelmas 2013: Rebordering: reflections in relation to (post)socialism Caroline Humphrey 11 Mar 2014
12 Creative Commons Challenging Frontiers: On the Making—and Unmaking?—of Latin American Nations (especially Mexico). Alan Knight (St Antony’s College) gives a talk for the Latin American Centre seminar series. Alan Knight 15 Feb 2014
13 Creative Commons Regional engagement and effective protection: the Australian way Public Seminar Series, Michaelmas term 2013. Seminar by Professor Susan Kneebone (University of Oxford) recorded on 30 October 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Susan Kneebone 01 Nov 2013
14 Creative Commons Displacement from Syria: putting the Common European Asylum System to the test? Special lecture, Michaelmas term 2013. Lecture by Madeline V Garlick (UNHCR) recorded on 24 October 2013 at the Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford. Madeline V Garlick 25 Oct 2013
15 Creative Commons Borders beyond control? Assessing and meausring the effectiveness of migration policies Lecture by Hein de Haas. Hein de Haas 18 Feb 2013
16 Creative Commons Everyday aesthetics in forced displacement In this Anthropology Departmental Seminar, Sandra Dudley (University of Leicester) looks at 'material culture and Karenni forced migrants in a Thai-Burma border camp'. 10 February 2012. Sandra Dudley 27 Jun 2012
17 Creative Commons Neighbouring China in Northern Nepal In this Anthropology Departmental Seminar, Martin Saxer (National University of Singapore)discusses 'Hidden Valleys, New Roads and Remote Cosmopolitans' in northern Nepal. 25 May 2012. Martin Saxer 27 Jun 2012
18 What does new Home Office evidence on the Migrant Journey and family migration tell us about migration in the UK? Jon Simmons, Director for Migration and Border analysis in the Home Office Science Directorate gives a talk for the COMPAS Breakfast Briefing series. Jon Simmons 02 Feb 2012