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Brad Blitz

Series featuring Brad Blitz

  • Refugee Studies Centre
  • Politics and International Relations Podcasts
  • Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2015: Facilitating Innovation
# Episode Title Description People Date
3 Developing Data for Humanitarian Protection part two Brad Blitz (Middlesex University) gives a talk for the Developing Data for Humanitarian Protection panel. Brad Blitz 02 Dec 2016
2 Creative Commons Migration, Protection and Reception: The 'crisis' in the Mediterranean How Europe's external border controls that limit and monitor the entry of non-Europeans relates to the reception of migrants in the European Union Brad Blitz, Othon Anastasakis 25 Oct 2015
1 Creative Commons RSC Public Seminars 2012: Environmental Displacement: future scenarios and modes of protection re-examined RSC Public Seminar series of Hilary Term 2012. Brad Blitz 24 Feb 2012