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Jonathan Webb

Series featuring Jonathan Webb

  • Revolutionary Biology
# Episode Title Description People Date
4 Part 4: A New Age of Drug Discovery You just have to step into your local chemist to see how far medicine has come over the past 100 years. Life changing drugs, which were once unthinkable – like antibiotics, insulin and the contraceptive pill – are now commonplace. Jonathan Webb 05 Nov 2014
3 Part 3: Advanced technology Just over a decade ago the face of British farming changed forever. A devastating outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease led to the enforced slaughter and incineration of over 10 million livestock across the country. Jonathan Webb 05 Nov 2014
2 Part 2: The history of structural biology Understanding the function of a protein is an important step in finding out why the body succumbs to disease – but how do scientists find these proteins and figure out how they work? Jonathan Webb 05 Nov 2014
1 Part 1: The Building Blocks of Life Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells but it doesn’t matter how closely you look, you still won’t see them. Jonathan Webb 28 Oct 2014