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A Good Science Read: The Secret Life of the Cuckoo

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Duration: 0:22:26 | Added: 01 Apr 2024
Professor Richard Boyd joins Professor Frances Ashcroft to discuss Cuckoo - Cheating by Nature by Nick Davies.

The cuckoo is a ruthless parasite that lays its egg in another bird’s nest, tricks them into accepting the egg as its own and entices them to feed its chick. This book is a riveting account of an extraordinary bird and it reads like a detective story. Nick Davies asks every question you can possibly imagine about how the female cuckoo and the cuckoo chick itself manage to deceive their host, and he describes the intricate experiments he and his colleagues have conducted to unravel the answers. He interweaves this with stories of naturalists from the past who have studied the cuckoo. He writes beautifully and his passion for the cuckoo and the natural world shines through.

Richard Boyd, Emeritus Professor of Physiology at the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of Brasenose College is a distinguished physiologist and an Honorary Fellow of the Physiological Society. He also happens to have a passion for birds.

Website: https://www.zoo.cam.ac.uk/directory/nick-davies

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