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Cre-AI-tivity: Hogwarts 4ever?

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Duration: 0:19:31 | Added: 17 May 2021
The second in our trilogy of podcasts explores the role AI can play in story creation and development. We learn how machines can extend a fictional story world, as well as our interaction with it.

As 'digital sparring partner’ machines enable us to push our own creativity, literary theory helps us understand how creatives work, and how their role can be better understood.
As there is hesitation about Artificial Intelligence composing, painting or writing creatively, we focus on opportunities to train and amplify the human creative ‘muscle’. We examine the role of effective, bold human decisions as part of creative expression, besides tools like predictive text capabilities or allowing the reimagining of a creative work, e.g through a romantic algorithm. How can we visualise and otherwise explore meaning in a fresh way? What do we want from potential interaction, and are we missing the closure that is such an important part of experiencing a work of art? We anticipate the audience feeling more invested in the fictional world once put their own perspective into it, prompted by the AI. As we can stretch a narrative from 800 to 18.000 pages at the push of a button, how far are they willing to follow?

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