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Yi-Chun Wang

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Duration: 0:53:03 | Added: 01 Aug 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Yi-Chun Wang, Research Scientist and PhD Student, 24 March 2023.

Topics discussed include (00:00:40) early interest in science, undergraduate studies in Taiwan and specialism in medical imaging and radiology science, master's in radiation biology at the University of Oxford, internship at Perspectum; (00:11:02) first awareness of COVID-19, visa extension; (00:15:54) internship role at Perspectum, CoverScan study; (00:18:49) location of MRI scanner; (00:20:05) inclusion of COVID patients in CoverScan study; (00:22:15) study team; (00:23:08) working hours; (00:25:32) anatomy covered by CoverScan; (00:25:56) organs covered by software; (00:28:07) remote meetings with colleagues; (00:29:13) intense period of study, end of CoverScan study in late 2021; (00:29:56) PhD applications, deferred PhD in engineering at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering; (00:34:46) thesis topic, data collection and analysis; (00:38:29) Bayesian networks; (00:40:09) time management; (00:41:43) COVID infection; (00:43:33) prejudices against Asians during the pandemic; (00:45:11) management of the pandemic in Taiwan; (00:48:25) living situation in Oxford; (00:50:58) changes in approach to work as a result of the pandemic; (00:51:59) direction of future career.

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