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What future for Israel and Palestine?

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Duration: 0:50:00 | Added: 07 Dec 2018
Dr Marwan Bishara (Academic Visitor, St Antony's College) gives a seminar for the Middle East Centre. Chaired by Eugene Rogan (St Antony's College).

The century old Zionist/Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues unabated after decades of war and occupation. The quarter of a century 'Peace Process' that promised solutions has instead deepened illegal Israeli settlements and inflamed the underlying causes of conflict. Meanwhile, Israel has emerged from major regional and global transformations more powerful, prosperous and secure while its Arab neighbors became ever more weak, divided and paralyzed. With Israel distancing itself from the two-state solution and further entrenching in the occupied Palestinian territories, what future for Israel Palestine? Bishara looks beyond the diplomatic failures and cycles of violence to outline the major ideological trends and political patterns in both societies in order to delineate the possible, probable and preferable futures there. How many states will it take to resolve the conflict? A state of mind.

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