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Duration: 0:23:04 | Added: 22 May 2022
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Duration: 0:23:03 | Added: 22 May 2022
Instead of passwords, what if computers used our high fives to log us in?

Okay, so what if instead of passwords, gadgets high fived us instead? This week we're talking with Klaudia about behavioural biometrics, usable security and how hackers might try to mimic gestures and body language!
Klaudia is a doctoral student at the Centre for Doctoral Training in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford and the recipient of the Women Techmakers scholarship 2019. Her research focuses on leveraging the heterogeneity of IoT devices to improve the security of smart environments. She graduated from the NordSecMob programme in 2017, obtaining a master's degree in Security and Mobile Computing.
Recent papers: Krawiecka, K. et al (2022). Biometric Identification System based on Object Interactions in Internet of Things Environments; Krawiecka, K. et al (2021). Plug-and-Play: Framework for Remote Experimentation in Cyber Security. In European Symposium on Usable Security 2021 (pp. 48-58). doi: 10.1145/3481357.3481518
Check out the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit 2022: https://womenintechsummit.pl

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