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The Oxford Colloquy
# Episode Title Description People Date
18 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Prof. Peter Openshaw Professor Peter Openshaw discusses Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV). RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms in most adults but it is the leading cause of hospitalisation in babies Andrew Pollard, Peter Openshaw 28 Mar 2024
17 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Sir Jeremy Farrar Sir Andrew Pollard talks to Sir Jeremy Farrar, Chief Scientist at the World Health Organisation and previously the director of The Wellcome Trust in the UK. Andrew Pollard, Jeremy Farrar 04 Mar 2024
16 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Sir Peter Horby Sir Andrew Pollard talks to Sir Peter Horby, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Director of the Pandemic Sciences Institute at Oxford. He is Co-Chief investigator of the RECOVERY trial of drug treatments for COVID. Andrew Pollard, Peter Horby 02 Feb 2024
15 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Uğur Şahin Sir Andrew Pollard talks to Uğur Şahin. Şahin is a German oncologist and immunologist. He is the co-founder and CEO of BioNTech, which developed one of the major COVID-19 vaccines. Andrew Pollard, Uğur Şahin 21 Dec 2023
14 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Sir Pascal Soriot Sir Andrew Pollard talks to Sir Pascal Soriot, the CEO of AstraZeneca about their pandemic partnership to develop the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine. Over three billion vaccines have been delivered, saving six and a half million lives. Andrew Pollard, Pascal Soriot 27 Nov 2023
13 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Prof. Eddie Holmes Professor Eddie Holmes, who co-authored the publication of the genome sequence of SARS-CoV-2 through work with colleagues in Wuhan, China speaks to Professor Andrew Pollard about his scientific career and this pivotal pandemic work. Andrew Pollard, Eddie Holmes 30 Oct 2023
12 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Prof. Maheshi Ramasamy Andrew Pollard talks to Professor Maheshi Ramasamy about her pandemic work as a hospital consultant treating extremely sick patients in intensive care. They also discuss her research career in vaccines and infectious diseases. Maheshi Ramasamy, Andrew Pollard 21 Sep 2023
11 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Shabir Madhi Shabir Madhi Professor of Vaccinology at the University of the Witwatersrand,Johannesburg, South Africa discusses the effect of the global pandemic on Africa and his work on COVID-19 vaccines. Andrew Pollard, Shabir Madhi 07 Sep 2023
10 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Professor Adam Finn Sir Andrew and Professor Adam Finn discuss his work as paediatrician specialising in infectious diseases. They discuss the pandemic as it affected children and the different responses to the disease in adults and children. Andrew Pollard, Adam Finn 16 Aug 2023
9 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Sir Patrick Vallance Sir Andrew Pollard & Sir Patrick Vallance discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares insights into his medical career and vital work during the pandemic as Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK government. Patrick Vallance, Andrew Pollard 20 Jul 2023
8 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Dame Sarah Gilbert Dame Sarah Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology at Oxford University, talks about her life in science and her work with a talented and dedicated team at Oxford in developing and testing the Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine for COVID-19. Sarah Gilbert 30 Jun 2023
7 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Dame Louise Richardson DBE FRSE Dame Louise Richardson, discusses navigating Oxford University through the tumultuous peak of the global pandemic and her career as an Irish political scientist whose expertise lies in the study of terrorism. Louise Richardson 23 Jun 2023
6 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Professor Neil Ferguson Sir Andrew Pollard's podcast features Professor Neil Ferguson, an expert in the mathematical modelling of infectious diseases. They discuss how mathematical models help understand disease transmission, vaccines, and immunity. Andrew Pollard, Neil Ferguson 28 May 2023
5 The Pandemic People: Fergus Walsh Journalist Fergus Walsh talks about covering disease outbreaks & his medical journalism career. Accuracy, fact-checking, and communicating complex scientific findings are important to him. He discusses this passion for reliable information with Sir Andrew Andrew Pollard, Fergus Walsh 19 May 2023
4 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Dame Jennifer Margaret Harries DBE Dame Jennifer Harries shares insights on her career, family influence, and managing public health threats with Sir Andrew Pollard. Highlights include Salisbury novichok incident preparedness, COVID19 response efforts. Andrew Pollard, Jennifer Harries 19 May 2023
3 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Professor Wendy Barclay In conversation with Sir Andrew Pollard, Professor Wendy Barclay, a renowned virologist, discusses viruses' crucial role in pandemics. Andrew Pollard, Wendy Barclay 17 Apr 2023
2 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Sir John Irving Bell Sir Andrew Pollard & Sir John Bell discuss COVID-19 pandemic in China, Oxford Univ. & AstraZeneca's vaccine efforts. Bell highlights global response, data sharing, Oxford's vaccine expertise & diagnostic testing. Andrew Pollard, John Bell 16 Apr 2023
1 Creative Commons The Pandemic People: Dame Catherine Elizabeth Bingham Kate Bingham, a British venture capitalist, discussed her role in the UK's COVID-19 vaccine rollout and her leadership of the vaccine task force and the importance of diplomacy in the global fight against COVID-19. Andrew Pollard, Kate Bingham 15 Apr 2023