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Trailer: Global Shocks

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Duration: 0:01:15 | Added: 31 Jan 2024
In a world facing multiple overlapping crises and wars, understanding how existing international institutions can tackle mounting global challenges is more crucial than ever.

At Global Shocks, the podcast of the Oxford Martin Programme on Changing Global Orders, we enter the conversation with leading figures from the world’s major international organisations — from the International Committee of the Red Cross to the World Health Organisation. Join us to find out what lessons they draw from the past and what future prospects they have.

Host and producer: Jan Eijking (University of Oxford)

Special thanks to Patricia Clavin (University of Oxford) and Melissa FitzGerald (Zinc Media).

Music: “Space!” by HoliznaCC0 / CC0 1.0 Universal License

Logo: Roger Gray (Oxford Martin School)

Changing Global Orders is a research programme at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford, and led by Professor Patricia Clavin, Professor Andrew Thompson, Professor Louise Fawcett, and Professor Andrew Hurrell.

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