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Tracey Mustoe

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Duration: 0:49:41 | Added: 30 Mar 2023
Georgina Ferry interviews Tracey Mustoe, University Biological Safety Officer, 21 September 2022.

Topics discussed include (00:00:24) early interest in science, work as a research technician at Birmingham University; (00:02:10) biological safety and normal day-to-day work as Biological Safety Officer; (00:04:43) university rules around health and safety and adherence to guidance and national health and safety bodies; (00:06:38) first awareness of COVID-19; (00:09:18) remit of role as Biological safety officer in ensuring safety of university researchers, guidance relating to hazard groups; (00:13:20) work to set up a Containment Level 3 Laboratory with William James, including training course for handling samples; (00:17:44) Health and Safety Executive, including approvals for research; (00:19:45) other laboratories working on live virus samples; (00:21:47) length of time of this work, including work on challenge trial with Health and Safety Executive and Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens; (00:26:00) facilitation of research and challenges of working with researchers (00:29:31) lack of transmission of the virus in laboratory setting, owing to implementation of safety guidance; (00:31:03) overlap of work with colleagues across the university implementing safety measures, including work as part of the Safety Office; (00:33:21) collaboration with university colleagues including departmental facilities managers; (00:34:16) change in pace as of September 2022; (00:35:04) preparation, learning and improvements in systems as a result of work on COVID-19; (00:37:37) changes to working life as a result of the pandemic, including remote working, connection and collaboration with other university biological safety officers, Institute of Safety in Technology and Research, additional hours worked; (00:42:00) impact of this work on personal wellbeing, actions taken to support wellbeing; (00:43:50) return to office working, including inspection visits; (00:45:30) current levels of work, staff turnover, retraining of biological safety officers; (00:47:40) changes in attitude or approach to work, including hope for more collaborative working in laboratories.

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