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Strengthening Professionalism and Accountability within the Ghana Police Service using Identity Norms and Narratives

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Duration: 0:38:33 | Added: 02 Mar 2022
How do we change a corrupt norm? This project looks to address this question through a policy intervention, working with the Ghana Police Service, to try to change the behaviour of the traffic police through an innovative ethics training programme.

One of the important factors that drive successful organisation is the behaviour of the people within that organisation. In many places, corruption has become a norm - a way of life - something that is generally accepted as a behavioural standard, and has long been one of the major obstacles to improving economic efficiency and reducing poverty in developing countries.

Donna Harris, Researcher at the University of Oxford; Oana Borcan, Associate Professor in Economics at the University of East Anglia; Bruno Schettini Secretariat for Coordination and Governance of the Heritage of the Union, Ministry of Economy, Danila Serra, Associate Professor in Economics at Texas A&M University; Henry Telli, Country Economist at the International Growth Centre.

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