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# Episode Title Description People Date
1 Strengthening Professionalism and Accountability within the Ghana Police Service using Identity Norms and Narratives How do we change a corrupt norm? This project looks to address this question through a policy intervention, working with the Ghana Police Service, to try to change the behaviour of the traffic police through an innovative ethics training programme. Donna Harris, Oana Borcan, Bruno Schettini, Danila Serra 02 Mar 2022
2 Child abuse and dancing boys in Afghanistan Piotr Schulkes, Rose Johnson, and Max Randall dive into the phenomenon of the Dancing Boys of Afghanistan. Piotr Schulkes, Rose Johnson, Max Randall 03 Dec 2020
3 Criminology at the periphery: understanding police work in the remote Northern islands of Scotland Dr Anna Souhami, Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh School of Law, gives a talk for the Criminology seminar series on 11th October 2018. Anna Souhami 24 Oct 2018
4 Creative Commons Doing Research with or without Impact: Policing Studies as a Global Field of Interest Ian Loader and Ben Bradford, Centre for Criminology, give a talk for the Centre for Criminology seminar series on 5th June 2015. Ian Loader, Ben Bradford 29 Nov 2016
5 Sexual Violence: the spectrum of support for survivors A podcast of an event which brought together local expertise that explored the support available to students who have experienced sexual violence. Mike Wallen, Mo Sayer, Ammara Kanwal, Siriol Davies 03 Jun 2016
6 Re-thinking police legitimacy Dr Justice Tankebe, University of Cambridge - 12 March 2015 Justice Tankebe 05 May 2015
7 Leading the Police in a Changing Society - John Grieve CBE QPM The third in our lecture series for Michaelmas Term 2013, given in the JCR at Mansfield College by John Grieve, Chair of the John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community, senior detective and Director of the Metropolitan Police's racial and violent crime John Grieve 05 Dec 2013
8 Media Law after Leveson: Newsgathering, journalistic sources, and criminal investigations Damian Carney, University of Portsmouth, gives a talk for the Media After Leveson workshop. Damian Carney 17 Apr 2013
9 Crimes in (social) Contexts: The Influence of Police Legitimacy on Offending Behaviour How can we understand the influence of police on criminal behaviour? Ben Bradford 30 Jan 2013
10 Creative Commons Pause - Reflection on the August Riots Martin Glynn, Birmingham City University, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Martin Glynn 25 Oct 2011
11 Creative Commons Black Youth, Social Progression and Community Professor Cecile Wright, Nottingham Trent University and Jamaican Diaspora UK, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Cecile Wright 25 Oct 2011
12 Creative Commons Black Families in Britain as the continuing site of struggle Dr Carl Hylton, Leeds Bicentenary Transformation Project, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Carl Hylton 25 Oct 2011
13 Creative Commons August 2011 Riots: The Making a British Black 'Underclass'? Nigel Carter, NHS Community Development Worker, Oxford, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Nigel Carter 25 Oct 2011
14 Creative Commons The August 2011 Riots; What Lies Beneath? Tonica Hunter gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Tonica Hunter 25 Oct 2011
15 Creative Commons The Rioters and their failed attempt to get their voices heard Dr Michael Williams, Sussex University, gives a talk for the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots. Michael Williams 25 Oct 2011
16 Creative Commons Introduction to the Oxford Symposium on the August 2011 Riots Dr Patricia Daley (Jesus College, Oxford) introduces the Oxford Symposium on the August Riots. Patricia Daley 25 Oct 2011
17 Pirates of Somalia Dr Sarah Percy and Dr Anja Shortland give a talk on Pirates of Somalia for the Extra-Legal Governance Institute. Sarah Percy, Anja Shortland 20 Aug 2010
18 Detective Fictions: In Pursuit of Sovereignty in the Postcolony Professor Jean Comaroff gives the 2008 African Studies Annual Lecture on the situation in South Africa, the rise of crime and violence as well as the rise private security companies and belief in the supernatural forces of witchcraft. Jean Comaroff 05 May 2009